The Enemy – Without LOUD and INTZ, finalists of the 3rd stage of the LBFF are defined


This Sunday (18), the 12 finalists of the 3rd stage of the Free Fire Brazilian League. Santos, Black Dragons, Flamengo B4, SS, RED Kalunga, cruise, GOD, Corinthians, Team Liquid, FURY, Vivo Save e paiN Gaming will decide the title of the season on October 31 and November 1.

LOUD, INTZ, Fear e New X, in turn, stayed in the Promotion Series zone and will fight to stay in Series A against the best teams in Series B. Kaboom! e The big ones, worse placed, fell straight from the elite.

Fla B4, twice; RED, INTZ, Liquid and New X were the teams that made BOOYAH! and decided each end position on the table point by point. See the round summary:

LBFF – 3rd stage
Groups: C, B
BOOYAH !: Fla B4 (Purgatory, Kalahari), RED (Kalahari), INTZ (Bermuda), Liquid (Purgatory), New X (Bermuda)

Flamengo B4 read the safe very well and opened the day by scoring BOOYAH! with 38 points and nine eliminations in Purgatory. Modesty, with four kills, was the great highlight of Mengão in the end of the match played against Corinthians, RED Kalunga and Vivo Keyd.

The first two also made an interesting reading of the gas and arrived well positioned for the final duel. After eliminating the black-and-white, the red-and-black went on to strike against Matilha and also won. R7, the Warriors’ only survivor, was the last one eliminated. It is worth highlighting the performance of Vivo Keyd, the second team that scored the best: despite not getting well to compete in the BOOYAH !, the team was executioner of INTZ, Fear and Cruzeiro throughout the fall.

The crash at Kalahari had a slower pace, which consequently led several teams to survive until the end. After many exchanges and gas deliveries, the only team that survived with all the players alive was RED Kalunga, who had no difficulty in sacramenting BOOYAH! on top of Kronos and Kauelok. Madanza finalized the remaining LOUD and Morato confirmed the triumph taking the red-black survivor. There were a total of 10 kills and 40 points won by Matilha.

Bermuda was the Intrepid map, which marked BOOYAH! with 40 points and 10 kills. LUKASKN, with six eliminations, was the big name of INTZ, which at the end of the fall had the perfect position to triumph in Clock Tower. The team’s opponent was Flamengo B4, who kept their position in the guardhouse throughout the end of the match. Lying down by INTZ, the red-black man managed to get up, but the gas was cruel and the escape was practically impossible. In the attempt of striking, the Intrepids were better and BOOYAH! It was signed.

Well positioned from start to finish, Team Liquid scored BOOYAH! with 34 points and seven kills on the return to Purgatory. Fear, paiN Gaming and New X also survived until the end, but the dispute for BOOYAH! was between the current champion of the Brazilian League and one of the former champions of the former Pro League.

Fear was finished by paiN and the Traditionals fell into the sights of Cavalry, which went on to the final 3×3 against New X. In the fight, Portion appeared very well and still tried to bring the victory to New, but Lukas.TD and Boss were absolute, finished Raposo’s team and signed the victory.

Kalahari returned to the scene and Mengão scored a double doing BOOYAH! with 38 points and nine kills. Team Liquid, Fear and RED Kalunga were also present at the end of the fall, which was played from beginning to end by the teams. At the highground, Fla B4 took paiN and went down to finish Matilha.

Field (Fear) e Martins (Liquid) survived to the end and still tried to take out BOOYAH! Flamengo. Martins got two important kills and only DeadGOD and Kauelok survived. Despite efforts, the gas was cruel to the Cavalry member, who ended up going to the ground. Still alive, Field laid Kauelok and tried to advance into the safe, but DeadGOD eliminated him and confirmed Flamengo’s victory.

In the last and decisive fall of the group stage, LOUD and KaBuM! they fell early and confirmed their destinations: LOUD missed out on the finals and KaBuM! ended up demoted.

It was a drop in patience worked by the teams and the end could not have been different: with exchanges everywhere, a series of eliminations happened at the same time and the BOOYAH dispute! was between paiN and New X in 2×3. Abusing the numerical advantage and led by Porcão, author of four kills, New won the final duel and scored BOOYAH! with 38 points and nine eliminations.

See the classification:


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