The Farm 12: Lucas breaks a stick with Jojo and has an attack: “Go take the c * ”


Lucas Selfie freaked out at A Fazenda 12 after accusation by Jojo Todynho (Photo: Reproduction)

Lucas Selfie got angry at A Fazenda 12 after Jojo Todynho commented

The Farm 12 returned to be a subject in the social networks in the dawn of this Saturday, 17 of October, due to the confusions between the pedestrians. If the atmosphere of peace took over the Likes party, what happened next turned on the alert. Lucas Selfie gave a great freak out and made several threats.

It all started due to the drunkenness that Lid Lisboa took. Lucas Selfie, like other pedestrians, tried to control the paoa. At a certain point in the confusion, Jojo Todynho approached and asked the pawn to be careful not to hit the actress’s head on the wall.

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With the effect of alcohol, he understood that she had stated that he should not have thrown her head on the wall. At that, he freaked out, screamed and hit one of the pots on the floor. Lucas Selfie even made a threat against Jojo Todynho in A Fazenda 12. He said he would do anything for her not to win.

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“It is very mean. Will take in the c *. Fuck it. Ç******. I don’t have that malice. I’m helping you and come and tell me that I hit her head on the wall. That doesn’t exist, ”he commented. Lucas Selfie also said that he does not usually have this type of behavior at the time of confusion.

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“Do you think I want to break something? It is so surreal, it is so out of my ordinary, that I had to break it so as not to give a peck in her mouth. It was horrible ”, shot Lucas Selfie. While he complained in A Fazenda 12, Jojo Todynho was sleeping in the room and chose not to leave.

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