The Farm: Jojo Todynho lectures Victoria Villarim


Last Friday (16), the Likes party gave the talk in A Fazenda 12, reality of Record TV. Victoria Villarim put shaving foam on her breasts and took Jojo Todynho’s sermon this Saturday (17th).

“I’m devastated with you,” said the singer.

Victoria questioned the motives and Jojo released the verb.

Find out everything that happens in A Fazenda

“You just popped your chest out and filled it with shaving foam,” she said.

“Jake said he didn’t show up. I remembered later, but she said she didn’t show up, that she came running and managed to cover it up,” said Victoria, trying to ease the situation.

“I fought you twice. I won’t say anything more. Everything has a limit. Your mother-in-law has no play plus, but what if someone sends her a video like that. Then comes the moral hangover. You are limitless. One thing. is to give PT at a party. But crossing the limit at all parties … The problem is not here, the problem is the judgment abroad “, concluded Jojo.

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The Farm: Jojo Todynho gets along with Lucas Maciel

In A Fazenda, a reality show aired by Record TV, Jojo Todynho accused Lucas Maciel of hitting Lidi Lisboa’s head on the wall.

The actor lost control and they fought badly. This Saturday (17th), Jojo and Lucas talked and sealed the atmosphere of peace. The pedestrians even played some games.

“I thought you were lucid, but you weren’t. You are going to pay me out there for everything I’m going through here,” joked the singer.

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