The Farm: Lipe calls Jojo de Fiona and peoa looses the verb


It was another sunny afternoon in Itapecerica da Serra, and the healthy conversation was going on between Jojo Todynho, Lope and Vitória Villarim. The trio talked about the fact that Jojo lives alone. The pedestrians questioned how she managed, since she is quite agitated and likes to be with other people.

“How do you live alone?” Asked Lipe

“Living! I don’t ask for much, no. I have you who treat me like the queen ”, replied the funkeira.

“She is unaccustomed!” Commented the boy.

“I really am! You treat me like a princess! ”She said, all sweet

And then Lipe made a comment.

“My Fiona”.

The funkeira did not like being compared to the character of the Shrek animation and reacted to the best Jojo style of being.

“Go to … Fiona is C.”

“Such a princess Ogra”, returned Lipe, laughing.


Also on Wednesday (14), Jojo caught Lipe’s attention and instructed him to have more attention and focus on the game. He vented to her about the consequences of his choices in the formation of the last garden. That’s when Jojo opened the boy’s eyes.

“One hour yours will be on the straight too. Here, I’m not going to buy a fight from anyone! “, Warned the singer.

“Yeah, I have to stop that too,” agreed Lipe.


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