The Farm: Raissa Barbosa wins the Trial of Fire


This Sunday (18), as is already traditional, the Trial of Fire happened and Raissa was victorious, to add even more fuel to the fire in the game. The peoa won the race in dispute with Lucas Maciel and Mateus Carrieri.

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The dynamics

After the draw, the three participants had to rappel in a container and press switches that would light the word “fireproof”. Whoever managed to form the sentence first, letter by letter, would win the test. With that, Raissa was the fastest person.

Lamp power

Marcos Mion had informed in the PlayPlus broadcast that, with the victory, Raissa will have to choose three pawns. From then on, the participants will vote for one of the selected to be the fourth pioneer, making sure that the “one remains” does not occur.

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