The final messages from the victims of Covid-19


MISS YOU In the last audio message sent by Giselle to her father, Geraldo, she declared her love. He did not respond (Credit: Disclosure)

Sudden, unexpected and lonely death has been frequent during the coronavirus pandemic and the sadness and discouragement of loved ones of the victims of the disease has increased. Suddenly the flame of existence goes out and what remains is a sepulchral silence. In the last messages exchanged by WhatsApp with relatives and friends, which ISTOÉ had access to, the terminally ill, trapped in hospital beds and intubated with respirators, show the feeling of complete impotence in their final hours of life and the despondency before irreversible harm. They are men and women who leave small children, loves of a lifetime and interrupted stories. In a country that already has more than 152 thousand dead and 5.3 million infected by Covid-19, these reports of hospitalization made by the sick and the messages of farewell make the impact of the pandemic on Brazilian families even more melancholy and tragic.

In the last text messages that the merchant Adão Mendes de Araujo, 44, wrote to his wife Noêmia, when he was admitted to the regional hospital in Cotia (SP), for example, he showed the difficulty he had when performing a simple action, such as going to the bathroom. “I went to the bathroom without oxygen, I came back dying”, he wrote. In addition, I also had headaches from the coronavirus. Many messages were exchanged.

FAMILY In the last messages that Adam sent to his wife Noemia and his daughters, he reported shortness of breath and said he couldn’t go to the bathroom (Credit: Disclosure)

Noemia showed hope and wrote that she was praying for her husband. “There, my little love, I am praying to be nothing,” he said. In another, she said that she missed Adam and that she wanted to hug him. “If I could, I would give you a hug.” Through Whatsapp, Noêmia tried to show all the affection she had for her husband. “Talk to the doctors so that you can do the treatment at home. Here I would give you tea, delicious soup, plenty of fresh water, you know, ”he said. Her daughter, Maria Clara, 10, also tried to cheer her father up with an audio message, asking him to come home, but there was no time. Adam died on June 2. He would be 45 on October 17. “A piece of us left, and our lives were devastated,” laments Noemia.

Loving grandmother

Retired civil servant Rosangela da Penha Andrade, 55, died on June 30 after being hospitalized with the new coronavirus for 22 days at the regional hospital in Cotia, a reference in the treatment of patients affected by Covid-19. Despite being retired, she did not stop, she was considered as that person that everyone could count on. “My mother was a great job,” says Daniele Aparecida de Andrade, 34, a teacher, daughter of Rosangela. Daniele says that her mother has always worked in the nursing field, so she knew that her case was serious. She had comorbidities that aggravate the situation of those infected by the virus. “She had diabetes, high blood pressure,” he says. A loving grandmother, Rosangela always tried to communicate with her grandson, João Pedro, eight years old, who is autistic, even with the boy living in Nova Mutum (MT). “Then we tell my son that his grandmother went to live with the Holy Angel, sometimes I say that she went to live with God”, she says. Daniele says that when she saw her mother, in the hospital bed, swollen and sedated, she was very afraid, she realized that the end was near. In the last messages exchanged, Rosangela said that she was short of breath, that she couldn’t walk, she felt like she was going to die.

Adão de Araújo left his wife and daughters in good financial condition,
but after his death, the family thinks that nothing else makes sense

In 32 years of life, Josélia Domingo Santos Mariano has always had very fragile health. Because of its character and posture, it was considered the foundation of the family. However, she failed to win Covid-19. Admitted to the regional hospital in Cotia on April 27, she died on May 4. According to the family, she was affected by the new coronavirus in a campaign tent created to give first aid to infected people in the same region.

Since she was a child Josélia carries a specific type of silent pneumonia that led her to stay in the hospital several times, “but in the tent they did not realize that this was the cause of her being sick”, says her sister, Mariana Domingo Santos, 20. Three months before she died , Josélia had a son, Erick Daniel, at the same regional hospital. Today he is nine months old. “When she said goodbye, she asked me to take care of her son as if I were the mother”, she says. Josélia had already gone through a difficult time, in August 2015, when she was eight months pregnant. On that date, the family would celebrate the traditional baby shower celebration. “She was sick and when she arrived at the hospital she had lost her son”, she says. One of the reasons for being so attached to Daniel. At the time, Josélia was hospitalized for five months, several times between life and death, but she recovered.

HEROES Francisco Cavalcante, nicknamed Fifi, left a legion of friends who continue to frequent his house: “I don’t want to cry” (Credit: Gabriel Reis)

The family attributes their recovery to something divine. “It was a miracle,” says Marina. Josélia’s farewell message was addressed to Mariana. “She asked me to take care of her son as if I were the mother,” he says. Eyes narrowed, but trying to show strength, Mariana said no. “You will come back to us,” he said. But the return did not happen.

Giselle Marie Diniz Peixoto, 55, lost her father, Geraldo Diniz Gonsalves, 81, retired Army soldier, on May 24, victim of Covid-19. The daughter says that the father did not accept security measures against the pandemic. He maintained the routine. “I had coffee at the same bar in Copacabana, where I lived,” he said. He did his own shopping at the supermarket, practiced walking without wearing masks and ended up being contaminated. As he had heart disease, he couldn’t resist.

Gisele says that the day before he was admitted, his father called and they had a good chat. “He was already infected, but he was fine, we talked a lot,” he says. On the same day, at night, he had shortness of breath. But early the next day, he was taken to the hospital. “My father already had 50% of the lungs taken by the disease. In two days, he was intubated and died, ”he says. The arrangement between father and daughter was that they would spend Giselle’s birthday, October 13, together, to eat the chocolate cake she makes, but there was no time. The last audio message, in a shaky voice, sent by her daughter was one of concern. “Dad, take care, we need you alive,” he said. He did not answer.

ORPHAN With Josélia’s death, his son Erick stayed with his aunt, Mariana: “His last request was for me to take care of her son as if he were the mother” (Credit: Disclosure)

Nurse Andréia da Silva Siqueira Teixeira, 49, was undoubtedly one of the most loved people in the Lagos region, in Rio de Janeiro. Born in São Gonçalo, he lived for 30 years in Búzios and worked at the Municipal Hospital Rodolfo Perrise. Her daughter, Laís Siqueira Teixeira, 29, a psychologist, says that her mother will be honored as a citizen of Buzios in the coming days. “He was a person very dear to everyone”, he says. Andréia passed away due to the complications of Covid-19 on August 19. Even though she was diabetic, during the period she was hospitalized, one month, her glucose levels and blood pressure were controlled. But her lungs were severely damaged and she was bleeding. According to doctors this was the main problem. “Almost 100% of the lungs were compromised, with five days in the hospital, it was already intubated”, says Laís.

“I don’t want to cry”

“When he died, no one believed.” This is how Gilnaide Paiva da Silva Cavalcante, 56, describes the moment of the death of her husband, Francisco Cavalcante Júnior, 59, an application driver. He was the first person to die at the Hospital de Campanha in Ibirapuera. The family lives in the East Zone, in Itaquera. Francisco was born in Tauá, Ceará, but in Terra da Garoa he was considered that friend for all times. “He was playful, he was happy to live,” he says. When quarantine started, he was out of work for two months, but he still got the new coronavirus.

Josélia Mariano always had a fragile health, but she was considered a family foundation. Unfortunately, failed to win Covid-19

Despite not being a sedentary person or with previous illnesses, he ended up hospitalized for nine days. Fifi, as he was affectionately nicknamed, left his wife, two children and many missed him and before he died he said he did not want sadness. “He didn’t want anyone to cry since he was a happy and happy person,” says his wife, Gilnaide Paiva Cavalcante. She says she is not satisfied with the fact that the new coronavirus took the person who was her joy in life. Like Gilnaide, thousands of people face the same feeling: they are not satisfied with having lost their loved ones. The coronavirus is leaving a trail of death and sadness. And the victims’ latest messages are evidence of a great tragedy.

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