The Force of Wanting – Chapter of Thursday (10/15): Zeca is shot to protect Jeiza


Zeca is shot to protect Jeiza, who helps the boy, in A Força do Querer (Image: Disclosure)

A Globe this Thursday, 10/15, another chapter of the soap opera The Power of Wanting. Check the summary:

Zeca is shot to protect Jeiza, who helps the boy. Ruy and Ritinha get married. Shirley has an idea against Ruy and talks to Cybele. Simone questions Ivana about the trip with Claudio.

Ritinha’s bridal bouquet falls on top of Caio. Heleninha questions Caio about selling her home to Bibi. Cibele watches Ruy’s wedding video. Jeiza and Zeca resume dating. Caio decides to marry Leila. Ivana accepts that Simone make an appointment with the psychologist.

Irene manipulates Eugênio. Ruy discovers Cibele’s alleged pregnancy. Jeiza commands a police operation and warns Zeca. Ruy asks Amaro to confirm Cibele’s pregnancy. Simone blocks another betting site from Silvana and makes her mother furious.

Bibi discovers that Rubinho lied about college. Jeiza is bothered to see Ritinha’s wedding photo. Irene talks to Joyce about Eugênio. Jeiza shows the photo of Ritinha’s wedding to Zeca.

The Power of Wanting

Where: On the Globe

When: Monday to Saturday, after the Jornal Nacional

Schedule: 21h35


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