The gun couple pleaded not guilty and referred to Trump support


The pictures of Mark and Patricia McCloskey waving weapons at the protesters in St. Louis went around the world. The protesters went in a private road, and were not wanted there by the couple.

On Wednesday, they appeared in court, charged with violating the gun laws and tampering with evidence. They pleaded not guilty.

The couple blames left-wing Democrats in St. Louis for the problems that have arisen for them. They have become folk heroes on the far right and were among the speakers when the Republicans held a national convention this fall.

When the trial against them started, their defender, Joel Schwartz, emphasized that the country’s president would follow the trial.

– They’ve talked to the president. The president contacts them from time to time, Schwartz said.

The governor of Missouri, Mike Parson, has defended the couple’s right to protect their own property, and announced that he will pardon them if convicted.

The episode happened when a Black Lives Matter demonstration ended on the private road on June 28. A couple of hundred protesters, on their way to the home of city mayor Lyda Krewson, passed the couple’s home.

The McCloskey couple claim the protesters not only ignored a no-entry sign, but that they also destroyed an iron gate. This is rejected by the organizer of the demonstration.

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