The incredible photos of Mars in their closest phase to Earth


On the night of last Tuesday (13), due to a planetary alignment, Mars may be seen from Earth. This happened because the planet reflected more sunlight in our direction, because it was exactly opposite the star.

This event, coupled with the fact that Mars was particularly “close” to Earth, meant that amateur astronomers with telescopes could take clear photos of its surface directly from their backyards.

The position where Mars was, in the exact opposite of the Sun, happens relatively frequently, every 26 months. However, it is much less common that this happens exactly when the planet approaches Earth – a phenomenon that happens, on average, every 16 years. This made the event a rare occasion.

Now, according to the website WaPo, this same approach – quite accentuated – should only occur again in 2035. Until then, the planet may come close to our planet on other occasions, but it is not to the point that the phenomenon repeats itself so dazzlingly.

On social networks, several users shared catches made in the period. The photos are very interesting and clearly show the surface of the Red Planet.

In addition, a Reddit user shared an accelerated video of the phenomenon, which was recorded over three hours. It is possible to see a little of the planet’s rotation.

My 3 hour timelapse of Mars at Opposition from r/Astronomy

Via: Futurism

Mars Titmouse Terra Sol photo Science & Space


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