“The law of return is relentless”


Thaila Ayala he usually uses social networks to share his routine with those who accompany him. And this Friday (16) was no different, since she decided to celebrate the arrival of the weekend relaxing.

In one click, published on her official Instagram account, the actress emerged wearing a light blue bikini with the other half in leopard print. To complete the look, she opted for a pair of sunglasses.

“The law of return is relentless! Let life take charge of giving each one what they deserve! ”, He wrote in the caption of the post, making a profound reflection on life, which followers adored.

Another factor that caught the attention of Internet users was the sculptural physique of the famous and, therefore, they left some messages in the space dedicated to comments. “This corpitcho is musooo”, fired one. “Muse of summer”, praised another. “What a WONDERFUL bikini”, added the third.

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Photo: Instagram / @thailaayala


Thaila Ayala used social media, on the afternoon of last Thursday (15), to report a very unpleasant event.

On Instagram, the actress revealed that she was the victim of yet another internet scam, and this time the criminals took her mother’s retirement. The famous also said that other family members also suffered losses.

“Another scam is going on in my name to borrow money! It’s not me! They managed to get money from my family, who took an overdraft from the bank and my mother who took all her retirement! ”, She wrote in the caption.

The actress made another post where she reveals the account to which the amount was sent. “This is the scammer’s account and name. Bradesco, I hope I can count on you! And find these criminals! ”, He added, asking the bank for help.

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