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Much has been written about how far Trump is behind challenging Joe Biden in opinion polls.

Many have talked about which states are important, but for Trump, the election may be about more important things.

What happens to all the ongoing trials against him, when he is no longer president?

Because without the protection and power a presidential title provides, Trump may be more vulnerable to ongoing investigations into fraud in his business, allegations of sexual harassment and abuse of presidential power for his own gain.

Will prosecute

Trump’s lawyers have always had plenty to do. With more than 3,500 treatments in Trump’s justice system on their conscience, they have long experience, but this may be different.

A clearer sign of what Trump has in store may not be obtained than what specialist letter researcher Robert Mueller gave during the Supreme Court case against him earlier this year.

Special letter researcher Robert Mueller said during the hearing that he would prosecute Trump on the day he is not president.


“Do you want to prosecute the president for a crime after he quits?” Asked Republican congressman Ken Buck.

“Yes,” Mueller replied.

November 3 may be the end.


CNN has been reviewing many of the cases in the US court system right now.

“In any case, it is easier for both the prosecution and the civil plaintiffs to prosecute the cases against him when he is not president,” Harry Sandick told CNN. He’s a former state attorney from Manhattan. Where many of the cases against Trump are now.

Also the most serious.

One week ago, a court in New York allowed the prosecution to access Trump’s tax returns.

Trump’s lawyers appealed the case, which covers a period of eight years.

That case concerns a comprehensive financial investigation of Trump and his firms. Also the case of two women who have been paid money to keep their mouths shut that they have had an affair with Trump.

There are many indications that the case may now end up in the US Supreme Court. In that case, it will be the second time they receive part of this case for processing. Last time, the Supreme Court considered the argument that Trump, as incumbent president, had legal immunity.

The White House

Who lives in the White House will determine much of Donald Trump’s future in the American legal system.

Foto: JOSHUA ROBERTS / Reuters

The prosecution in New York is also investigating whether Trump has received an excessive tax reduction in connection with forest conservation around his property in Seven Springs.

The Trump Organization is suspected of inflating the value of the property, so that the reduction would be higher.

The same goes for his golf club in Los Angeles, the valuation of a building on Wall Street in New York and an internal loan of almost a billion to a Trump hotel in Chicago.

Trump’s lawyers believe that Democrat Letitia James, who is leading the investigation in New York, has political motives behind the investigation.

The scandals

One thing is Trump’s business, another thing is his privacy.

State attorneys in Washington DC and Maryland sued Trump as early as 2017 for corruption and for profiting financially from decisions he made as president. They believed that he put his own financial interests above those of the United States.

That case has been appealed to the Supreme Court, which has not yet considered it.

Trump has been charged with more than 10 counts of sexual harassment or abuse. Among other things, the American columnist E. Jean Carroll has accused him of rape in a rehearsal room in the mid-1990s.

Trump denied ever meeting Carroll.

– Firstly, she is not my type, secondly, it did not happen, he said in an interview with The Hill last summer.

A month ago a new case came up.

– He just pushed his tongue down my throat, and I pushed him away. And that was when he tightened his grip, and his hands itched all over my ass, breasts, back, everything, says Amy Dorris in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian.

Trump’s lawyers strongly deny that he has ever harassed, abused or behaved inappropriately towards Dorris, or any of the other women who have accused him.

«The Apprentice»

Trump was long known for his harsh statements and many “catchphrases” on the TV show “The Apprentice”. In retrospect, it has emerged that he did not just slap his lip. He was pretty clumsy too.

One of the participants, Summer Zervos, has sued Trump for defamation after he allegedly sexually harassed her. That case is awaiting clarification in a lower court as to whether they have a legal basis to sue a sitting president.

But it is not just people who have met him on TV who are suing. Even those who have been in family parties are dissatisfied.

Mary Trump, author and niece, believes Trump, his sister and the estate of their deceased brother have tricked them into the inheritance settlement after Trump’s father Fred.

“In all these civil cases, the US president has either tried to avoid testifying or handing out DNA evidence, which becomes more difficult to do when he is no longer president,” Sandick told CNN.

The tax case

Then the big question is what will happen to Trump’s tax returns if Joe Biden decides who will control the Ministry of Finance.

Trump has for decades denied access to the tax return, but according to the New York Times, Trump has tried to hide great values ​​and raised a lot of debt during this period.

Two issues will probably come up.

Stormy Daniels gives intimate details about Donald Trump in his upcoming book

Donald Trump denies having sex with Daniels. However, she was paid $ 130,000 by Trump’s then-lawyer Michael Cohen ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

Photo: Mandel Ngan Joe Raedle / AFP

In the Supreme Court case, specialist letter researcher Robert Mueller found evidence that Trump had obstructed the investigation, but he chose not to target him then.

And Trump was named by his former lawyer Michael Cohen as the man who ordered him to break the law and pay the hush money to porn actor Stormy Daniels.

Whether this case will be resumed is up to the next president. It could be someone other than Donald Trump.


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