The list of the 10 most pirated films of the week (12/10/2020)


Bringing four new features, the ranking of the most pirated films of the week was updated this Monday (12) by TorrentFreak. The ranking also showed many exchanges of positions, except in the leadership, again occupied by Mulan, and in 3rd place, which continues with fiction 2067.

One of the unpublished titles on the list is The Wolf Of Snow Hollow (2nd place). In the suspense, recently arrived in American theaters, a sheriff full of personal problems must face a new challenge, dealing with several brutal murders that occurred in the city, always during the time of the full moon.

Recently launched on Netflix, O Halloween do Hubie (4th position) is another change in relation to the previous edition of the ranking. Starring Adam Sandler, the comedy follows Hubie Dubois, a not-so-popular guy who needs to put his fear aside when Halloween starts to get scary in Salem.

The animation Batman: Family Death (8th place), adapted from the homonymous DC comics, narrates the death of the second Robin, Jason Todd, by the Joker. Production, which acts as a prequel to Batman: Against the Red Hood, is interactive, offering the viewer the chance to change the story, according to their choices.

Another movie with good download rates in torrents services, in the last days, is Cagefighter (9th position). In the plot, the biggest champion of an MMA competition faces the most difficult fight of his career, when he was cast to face the main star of professional wrestling.

Next, see the new top 10 of the most pirated films, after the inclusion of titles with great demand in the last week. Before that, we remind you that TecMundo does not support illegal downloads, recommending accessing the content only through official means.

10. American Pie Presentes: Girls’ Rules

9. Cagefighter

8. Batman: Family Death

7. The Doorman

6. Ava

5. Enola Holmes

4. O Halloween do Hubie

3. 2067

2. The Wolf Of Snow Hollow

1. Mulan


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