The lynx cub “Gaupus” can be killed if it does not find its mother – NRK


Ida-Marie Olaussen from Misvær got a surprise early today.

The family was sitting at the breakfast table when there was a real commotion from someone cutting outside.

His son Oliver (6) went out to see.

– When he came in he shouted that there was a lynx outside. “Yes, especially,” I replied. But when I myself went out to see, I saw it.

A small lynx cub stood outside, Olaussen says.

– Suddenly it runs off with one of my shoes.

– We have observed it throughout the day. It has not been intimidated by anything.

Has given it a name

This is the first time Olaussen has seen a lynx alive.

SNO was visiting today. They advised the family not to feed the baby.


But a saucepan of meatballs that Olaussen had set out to cool was hit hard by the little crab.

– I had never expected a lynx to stand on my stairs and eat my meatballs!

Now the family hopes that the mother will come and pick up her offspring.

– We are excited about whether he is here tomorrow.

– Did you give it a name?

– My son has a lynx teddy bear he calls «Gaupus». What we found is an appropriate name.

Photo: Vegar Pedersen / SNO

Risks starving to death without mother

And it is important that the mother comes and picks it up.

This is what Vegar Pedersen at SNO Nordland says. The kid risks starving to death.

When NRK calls, he has just visited the family.

Vegar Pedersen

Vegar Pedersen works at SNO in Nordland.

He says the kids are born around June 1st. This means that “Gaupus” is around four months.

– It takes about 10 months before they separate from their mother. Until then, they are completely dependent on their mother.

The fact that a young person is observed without a mother is relatively unusual. But happens from time to time.

– We had a similar situation in Narvik in August. An abandoned lynx went alone for several days. We eventually had to kill it.

– Can the same thing happen here?

– Yes. But it could be that the mother is just out hunting, and picks it up again tonight, says Pedersen, who has encouraged the family to follow.

High mortality

Adult lynxes avoid humans.

But the kids are curious and playful.

Although adult lynxes are shy animals, they can sometimes be captured on film.

As someone did on Meløya in September:

Pedersen says that there is a high mortality rate, and that they therefore start by mapping this year’s youngsters in early October.

Pedersen is happy that people report observations.

So far, they have received three reliable observations in Rana, Hamarøy and now Misvær.

– It’s good that people tip us. It helps us document the youngsters.


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