“The middle finger for everyone who doesn’t wear a mask”. This is what the ad in Berlin suggests – Observer


An old woman with a floral pattern mask and raised middle finger. It is not usual, but it was the strategy that the Berlin Tourism Institute (Visit Berlin) used to draw attention to the need to wear a mask. “We respect the rules”, adds the poster launched in September.

Visit Berlin spokesman and campaign creator Christian Tänzler told CNN that the campaign is aimed at raise awareness of the use of the mask.

“Most people are respecting the rules, but there is a minority who are not, and they are putting the lives of others at risk,” he said. “We wanted to draw attention to this problem”.

The ad, initially published in a local newspaper, quickly spread across social media and divided netizens. There are those who praise and criticize him. Tänzler explained to the BBC that the organization opted for a more “assertive” campaign because “Berliners are well known for their direct communication”.

For Marcel Luthe, a member of the Berlin Senate, the announcement incited hatred against all who cannot wear a mask, such as small children and people with health problems. Luthe even made a formal complaint to the ad.

The controversial announcement was withdrawn last Wednesday, according to Reuters. However, other campaign posters will be on the streets of Berlin by the end of March.

This Friday, Germany recorded a record of new daily cases, with 7,334 infections. Thus, since the beginning of the pandemic, 348,557 cases of the new coronavirus have been recorded and 9,734 people have died from the disease.


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