The municipality is in dialogue with NIPH about the situation


Bergen municipality reports on Thursday about 27 new cases of infection in the last 24 hours. This is the highest number reported since 19 September.

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Infection control chief Karina Koller Løland says several cases of infection are connected to a nightclub in Bergen that had an outbreak on 3 October. Now they have recommended the nightclub to stay closed this weekend. Photo: Alice Bratshaug

The age range of those infected is from 11 to 50 years. 19 of the infected are in the age group 20–29 years.

– I have together with the municipality’s professionals today had a dialogue with the National Institute of Public Health to discuss the situation. The city council is following the infection situation closely and is continuously assessing the need for the introduction of new measures, says city councilor for the elderly, health and volunteering, Beate Husa, in a press release.

She adds:

– The situation indicates per. now not the introduction of local measures, but this may change.

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45 cases of infection are linked to one night at this nightclub in Bergen

Recommend nightclub to stay closed

Infection control chief physician Karina Koller Løland says the majority of those infected are household members or close contacts of newly registered infected people at parties or nightclubs.

– Ten of the cases of infection can be traced back to the nightclub that had an outbreak on 3 October. We have recommended that the nightclub be closed at the weekend due to an unresolved infection situation among the employees, says the infection control chief.

The municipality also states that there will be another place of infection where several have been infected. Of those infected in the last 24 hours, two have an infection and one has a currently unknown route of infection.

BT has previously written that people who had visited the nightclubs Lille, Folk & Røvere and Duggfrisk were diagnosed with infection last week.

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Trailing from Haukeland

Part of the explanation for the fact that today’s infection rates are higher than in previous days is a lag from the laboratory at Haukeland this weekend.

On Wednesday, Bergen municipality reported 19 new cases of infection in the last 24 hours, while the number on Tuesday was 20 new infected.

– There is little indication that there is a lot of uncontrolled infection in society. There is still a low level of infected people with an unknown route of infection, says medical specialist Trond Egil Hansen.

He adds that it is important that people get tested if they suspect infection or have been to a party.

There are now a total of 1640 people in Bergen who have been infected with coronavirus.

Included in the figure are also eight cases of infection from Hyllestad that have been re-registered. The people live in Bergen. These are not included in the current figures for 27 new infected in Bergen, the municipality states.



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