The new Google Assistant Driving Mode is already coming to Google Maps


Although not yet available in Portugal, Android Auto from Google is already used by many, directly. This system is activated when arriving at a car, but can also be used in isolation, only on the smartphone.

Google wanted to change this reality and prepared Google Assistant Driving Mode, independent of any app and without needing any extras. This mode has been absent for a long time, but now it is finally being released globally.

Google Assistant Driving Mode is coming

Assistant Driving Mode was introduced last year at the I / O conference, but ended up falling asleep in time. It does not intend to replace Android Auto, but wants to help Android users to use this system in the car.

With a very different interface than usual, it helps users of Google's system to be able to use it in cars. Its base is on Maps, but it integrates access to Spotify and other apps and services that we use on a daily basis.

Arrives on Maps, but does not replace Auto

The big news now came from Google, which finally has Assistant Driving Mode available and to be distributed to users. Again this happens in a phased manner and does not depend on any specific version, being activated on the side of the research giant.

Until recently it was not known where this mode would come from, but it seems certain that Google Maps will bring this novelty. The evidence came before with some tests, but now it is certain that this will be the end point.

A big news for Android

Access will be done through the Google Maps settings, but you are supposed to use the Google Assistant to invoke this mode. From the tests carried out by Pplware, it was not yet possible to test this novelty in Portugal, but it may already be available.

This is an important change, especially when Android Auto is not yet present in our country. If available, we are left with a Google solution to use in cars on a daily basis to navigate stays.


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