The new weapon of Call of Duty: Warzone pierces any wall!


The new weapon Call of Duty: Warzone, AS VAL, arrived making a big impact on the players. With the start of the sixth season of COD, fans soon noticed that this weapon has great firepower, even managing to pierce any wall of the scenarios!

We’ve already talked a little about the strange dynamics of projectile penetration in COD: Modern Warfare, but AS VAL takes the damage to a new level, because, unlike the other shots, its bullets do not cause less damage when piercing walls! In addition, they are able to pass through any game wall when equipped with SPP. Check out a video showing in detail how insane the gun is:

It probably won’t be long before a patch kicks in to nerf AS VAL’s absurd firepower, so you better enjoy this mamata while you can! What did you think of the new weapon? Comment below!


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