The PlayStation 5 fan can be updated and optimized for future games


The cooling fan in the PlayStation 5 can be adjusted via system updates for the console, as needed. It has emerged in a new interview with chief engineer Yasuhiro Ootori.

See how PlayStation 5 is screwed together. (Video: Sony)

In conversations with Japanese (via The Verge), Ootori explained that the machine’s processor (Accelerated Processing Unit) collects data from the fan of the PlayStation 5. This information will then be used to change the control of the fan, which may become necessary as time goes on. games require more of the machine.

– Different games will be launched in the future, and data from the processor’s behavior for each of the games will be collected. We have a plan to optimize fan control based on this data, said Ootori.

Earlier this month, Ootori showed off what the PlayStation 5 looks like on the inside. Among other things, we got to see the fan up close, which measures 120 millimeters in diameter and draws in air from both sides of the console.

The fan will probably get a lot of attention in the time after the launch of the new console, as fan noise has been a widespread problem for PlayStation 4. The heat dissipation solution for PlayStation 5 will apparently help with just this, and with the mentioned updates for the fan, Sony can make further changes. gradually.

PlayStation 5 will be launched on November 19 here in Norway.

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