The price of PlayStation Plus will not rise with the arrival of PlayStation 5


The legal terms of the service explain why.

The new generation of consoles is a month away and with it, we will have new games and service offers.

In the case of PlayStation 5, new users will take advantage of a new offer from Playstation plus which includes a selection of acclaimed PlayStation 4 games, ready to be tried out at no additional cost, through the machine’s backwards compatibility capabilities.

With such a positive offer, many future users have already questioned whether this offer would increase the subscription price. For now, the answer is: no.

The news, advanced by the portal Games Radar, highlights one of the points of the new update of the Legal Terms of the services of PlayStation Network, where it can be read in point 21.10.1 that “We will notify you by email at least 60 days in advance of any price increase. You can cancel before the price increase takes effect.

In other words, this means that any expected price increase for the entry of the new generation should already have been communicated.

These issues reflect the concern and suspicions of the improved service offer that, in the past, has seen the price increase, but with the information to always be shared with some advance.

So you already know, if Sony makes any changes to the service, rest assured that they will be notified with sufficient advance notice to consider whether or not to continue the subscription. But better than that is to know that, for now, the PS Plus will keep its price.


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