The Rock sends bottles of tequila to a 101-year-old fan – 10/18/2020


Actor and entrepreneur The Rock, as Dwayne Johnson is known, sent two bottles of tequila to a 101-year-old fan. The artist published a photo of the lady, “grandmother Grover”, next to the bottles and a congratulation card written by him on social networks.

“Happy and beautiful 101 birthday to Grandma Grover! Nice to see you received my gift of Teremana bottles and the card I wrote to you! Remember to sip, grandma, and it’s not time to take shots. The happiest of birthdays. What wonderful and blessed life. Enjoy your ‘mana’, Marie! “, he wrote.

In 2019, when she turned 100 years old, The Rock had already sent her a video in which she sings congratulations to her, which vibrated and laughed with the tribute.

The Rock is one of the people with the most followers on Instagem with more than 201 million people. And he doesn’t let the fact go unnoticed.

Through yesterday’s post, he took the opportunity to advertise his tequila – he is the owner of Teremana, produced in Mexico. The Rock also often shows tequila in other posts on social media.


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