The Rock sends bottles of tequila to fan who is turning 101 – Monet


Dwayne Johnson and Marie Grover (Photo: Playback / Instagram)

Not just anyone can make it to 101. Knowing this, Dwayne Johnson – aka The Rock – decided to make the date even more special for one of his biggest fans. He sent two bottles of tequila as a birthday gift to Marie Grover and registered the lady on social media – a party for an entire country and the world to see, as the ‘Hobbs & Shawn’ and ‘Jumanji’ star is the north American with the largest number of followers on the social network.

“Remember to drink, Grandma, this is no time to take shots,” Johnson joked. “The happiest of birthdays – what an incredible and blessed life. Enjoy your manna.”

Johnson was introduced via social media to Marie Grover last year, when a netizen sent a message to the actor asking if he would wish a happy centenary to his best friend’s grandmother. “She will go crazy. When we were in high school [25 anos atrás], she wore a sweatshirt from The Rock [à época astro da luta livre] and told us how beautiful he was “, he wrote.

In just a few hours, Johnson responded. “What? Am I hearing this? Who’s turning 100? Nice age! What do you need?” he asked, while the netizen said he would love Johnson to “shoot a short video”. Johnson sent an animated “congratulations to you” (above). Of course it went viral, mainly because of her reaction.

Below, the post with the birthday present.


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