The Signifier is now available for PC with Portuguese subtitles


The Signifier is an immersive adventure game with a strong psychological bias. The game, developed by the Chilean studio Playmestudio and published by Raw Fury, is available on PC and Mac. The game can be purchased for R $ 37.99 at Steam, and Humble stores. Surprisingly, the game has localization for our language.

In short, the game is a tech-noir mystery that puts players at the center of an unusual investigation. The process mixes experimental psychology, corporate intrigue and artificial intelligence, delivering one of the most original experiences of its kind.

Check out the launch trailer:

The story begins with a murder. Surprisingly, the vice president of the world’s largest technology company appears dead in her home. It is up to you to examine what happened using advanced technology to interpret the mind. Go into Dreamwalker, an advanced brain scanner. The object manages to recreate the senses registered in the virtual world, allowing the player to venture into the memories of dead people.

Certainly many surprises are hidden in the unpredictable depths of human consciousness. Thanks to this, it is up to the player to unveil a narrative of several layers of power and intrigue, making you question everything around you!

Move freely through three dimensions – reality, objective memories and subjective dreams – exploring different events and environments in search of clues, solving puzzles and putting the pieces together to discover the truth. Your mission will be to interpret a wild, unpredictable and impossibly beautiful world, created by fears, dreams and the imagination, directly questioning the implications of creating artificial intelligence, privacy and human existence itself.

Main features of The Signifier:

  • Three coexisting dimensions: reality, objective memories and subjective dreams
  • Walk through the different layers to solve puzzles, unlock new dialogues and solve the mystery of the game
  • Learn psychological concepts to use powers and tools to navigate the strange and unpredictable paths of the unconscious
  • A powerful narrative that evolves from a complex web of real-world intrigue to a surreal thriller
  • Immerse yourself in provocative thoughts that generate tension, but free from cheap or free scares
  • Question the implications of Artificial Intelligence, the invasion of the conscious, privacy, and how you see the world – be it real or just a subjective creation of our minds

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