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GRAY: Wiktoria Rønning could not hold back her tears when host Mads Hansen told about what would happen as a consequence of the “drunken party” scandal on “Farmen”. Tears also pressed when Nils Kvalvik “took one for the team” and went home. Photo: TV 2

Host Mads Hansen (36) took a hard line with the “Farmen” participants, and gave them a message that brought tears to their eyes.

On Tuesday, it became known that the “Farmen” production was shut down for 24 hours after participant Raymond Røskeland (36) in the middle of the day got drunk on the farm for TV recordings, and after six participants the night before had been in two separate cabins in close by. There they consumed alcohol and food, borrowed telephones and called home.

A total of seven participants are said to have taken part in the illegalities, which TV 2 takes very seriously in view of the ongoing corona pandemic.

TV 2 was quick to report that the violations would have consequences, but they would not say anything about the consequences in question. In the episode on Wednesday night, however, TV viewers got the answer.

Suddenly, host Mads Hansen (36) entered the farm. Hansen did not look particularly happy, and informed the participants that everyone should gather down by the water. There he took a very hard line with them.

Put this? Here, Mads Hansen settles with the “Farmen” participants:

– The adventure games have been canceled, he said, before he explained what had happened, and asked everyone who had been involved in the illegalities to raise a hand.

He then announced that this had consequences, and that one of the seven culprits had to leave the farm the same day. The participants had to find a competition to compete in.

– The four of us who had not done anything pulled us away to let the others decide. Wiktoria (Rønning, 22, journ. Note) started to cry, and then it was probably Daniel (Viem Årdal, 30, journ.anm.) Who asked if anyone wanted to retire, says Karianne Vilde Wølner (26) to VG.

NOT PREPARED: Wiktoria Rønning reacted strongly when Nils Kvalvik chose to leave «The Farm». Kjetil Kirk, like Rønning, was involved in the violations that had taken place. Photo: Espen Solli

Then it became quite quiet, before Nils Kvalvik (39), one of the seven who were part of the illegalities, took the floor and said that he could take one “for the team” and go home.

– Some started crying, while some thought it was unfair. It became quite quiet. I felt a little of my own feelings and what I had been through with my uncle. As I have said before, everything happens with a meaning. And when Mads said what he said, I thought maybe I should put in the years. I wanted to give the others the opportunity to continue, says Kvalvik, who a few days before had received the death message inside the farm.

Wiktoria Rønning burst into tears during the session, and to VG she makes no secret of the fact that what she reacted most to was that the “drunken party” did not end in a collective punishment – that it should only have consequences for one person.

– And if there was one I did not want to travel, it was Nils. When Mads said what he said, there were six people behind me that I love. And I could definitely smoke myself. The situation was absolutely damn good. As if we did not feel damn good enough from before – after making sure that production was down for 24 hours. It was a mental strain, because I had such a bad conscience and was sorry for everything, she admits.

She was not present at the moment when the host entered the yard, but heard people shouting.

– People shouted that we had to come and that Mads was cursed. I thought he was probably just kidding, but so fast he did not. Then the message came, and I just completely broke down. What was supposed to be something funny became so serious.

But she was not alone in shedding tears when it became clear that Kvalvik chose to take the brunt of the other six offenders.

RAISED HIS HANDS: Mads Hansen asked those who had been involved in the illegalities inside “Farmen” to stretch an arm in the air. That was what seven of them did. Photo: TV 2

– I reacted very strongly, was terribly sorry. I cried, cried and cried. Nils was very close to me, especially after the death he experienced. We had a lot to do with each other. It was very tough with such an abrupt and quick farewell. He was so important to the group as well, a great figure for us in there, says priest Thor Haavik (26) to VG.

WAVING GOODBYE: Nils Kvalvik held a small appeal for the participants before he packed his things and returned home from “The Farm”. Photo: TV 2

Nils Kvalvik confirms that his good friend took the news very seriously.

– I talked to Thor the same morning, and I told him that I will cheer when he is in the final. Then he said, “Why do you say that?” You have to be in the final, you and »? Then I said, “No, I do not think so.” Then Thor began to cry. So when that came, it was probably just a sign that I was going to retire. But the others have appreciated that I wore this, I have heard that many times afterwards. It’s hot.

ARG: Host Mads Hansen was not happy when he suddenly appeared on “Farmen” farm in Wednesday’s episode. Photo: TV 2

VG has also been in contact with host Mads Hansen, who believes that the participants knew little or nothing that their actions would have such consequences.

– This happened about a day after production had started up again. They had no idea that I was coming, because they know what days I usually get there. They quickly realized that this was not going to be pleasurable. I think they just thought that they had received a warning, and that production was now going as normal again, he says.

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