The star deals with body pressure


The former alpine star Lindsey Vonn has been one of the greats in her sport. With three Olympic medals and several World Cup golds, she has become a well-known icon in alpine skiing.

In 2019, Vonn resigned as a performer, but she is still in the spotlight. She is also active on social media.

Now she is out on Instagram and Facebook, where she is dealing with body pressure.

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Takes settlement

She says that even though she is a well-trained athlete, she struggles to post pictures of herself in a bikini.

It has changed a bit lately, but she says it still hurts.

– Even as an athlete, it is relentless comments and media stories that damage my body, and I must admit that it sometimes hurts, writes Vonn.

– I am a normal person, and sometimes I am sloppy. My stomach sticks out, my cellulite appears on my ass or I do not fit my swimsuit perfectly. But, I will always remember how my body has helped me achieve amazing things in life, and I am proud of how strong I am, she continues.

Furthermore, she points out that she is 100 percent natural, with no surgeries, fillers or Botox. She also says that she is happy with how she looks today.

Active in social media

Finally, she comes up with an invitation to others who are struggling.

– So to everyone who has low self-esteem or is dissatisfied with how they look: Be strong, be healthy and love yourself no matter what the haters say. A special thank you to everyone who has been positive and supportive. Let’s continue the culture with body positivity, writes Vonn.

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Vonn has on several occasions settled on social media. In the past, she has also fought back against being called a football lady, or “wag”.

– I’m no wag. I hate that word. I hate everything associated with that word. “People think it’s a woman who is at home, taking care of the children and just following her successful boyfriend,” Vonn said in the podcast of her fiancé and shared it on Instagram.


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