The story of the photo that is in love with the World – News


The photograph of a newborn baby holding the mask of the doctor who gave birth to him has already gone viral and is not leaving anyone indifferent. The image of the baby is being seen as a sign of hope, and that we all want to find a solution to the pandemic, returning to a reality in which the protective mask was not part of our daily lives.

After the cartoon moment, Samer Cheaib, the obstetrician who holds the child, released the image on social media and the result was thousands of reactions of hope. “We all want a sign that we are going to take off the mask soon,” wrote the health professional as a caption for the photograph, which he shared on social media on October 5.

It is estimated that the baby was born on the same day or close to the date of the doctor’s publication in Dubai, where the photograph was taken.

Only on Instagram – the image was also shared by Samer Cheaib on his professional Facebook page -, the photo already has more than 82 thousand likes and hundreds of comments. “May your words become reality, doctor”; “the most beautiful photograph I have ever seen”; “photograph of the year” are some of the comments on the doctor’s page.

But this is not the first image of a baby to go viral in the context of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus: in March, a photograph of an Italian newborn with the phrase “andra tutto bene” (it will be all right) written in the diaper it touched the world.


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