‘The strength of wanting’: Joyce and Ritinha beat Irene


Maria Fernanda Cândido is Joyce in ‘The strength of wanting’ (Photo: Reproduction)

In the next chapters of soap opera “The strength of wanting”, Joyce (Maria Fernanda Cândido) and Ritinha (Isis Valverde) will beat Irene (Débora Falabella).

It will all start when Ruy (Fiuk) taking the mother to dinner as a way to cheer her up after Eugênio’s (Dan Stulbach) extra-marital affair comes up. The boy will give the father the address of the restaurant so that he can appear at the place and try to reconcile.

However, Mira (Maria Clara Spinelli) will listen to Eugênio’s conversation with his son and tell everything to Irene, who will decide to go there too. She will eventually find her rival in the bathroom and provoke her. The two will begin to argue, until Joyce will lose his head and decide to throw a shoe:

– Slut!

– You want me to go over there and give it back? – Irene will ask, mocking, after taking the shoes.

When Joyce is getting ready to throw the other shoe, Ritinha, who will also be present, will enter the bathroom. She will help her mother-in-law and beat the villain. Finally, Joyce will approach and beat the rival several times.


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