The victim’s mother to Dagbladet: – Do not shoot my son


PHILADELPHIA (Dagbladet): – Can you tell us what happens in the video?

– I asked the police to stop: «Do not shoot my son. Please do not shoot my son. ” Then they shot him! It was deadly wrong, God knows.

Cathy Wallace almost hiccups when she answers Dagbladet’s questions outside the family’s home in Philadelphia. Just 24 hours earlier, she witnessed two police officers shooting her son Walter Wallace, 27, on the street outside.

BROKEN: Walter Wallace’s mother Cathy tried to hold back her son, but witnessed police shoot him several times. Here she tells Dagbladet how she tried to stop the policemen. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones / Dagbladet
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The sons’ greeting

Now nine children have lost their father. Dominique’s wife has lost her husband. Mother Cathy and Bob a son.

The sons Samir, Sakawa and Sena line up at the microphones outside the family house.

– We always did things together. He taught me to be a man, said Elder Samir.

ASK FOR QUIET: Wallace’s father, Bob, called on violent protesters in Philadelphia to keep calm and order. – I hope people can show us and the city respect. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones / Dagbladet
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– They stood and laughed

Police fired at least 14 shots each, while his mother tried to hold him back. According to the family and their lawyer, Wallace suffered mentally. It was the third time police were at the residence that day. According to them, due to house riots. However, the family says they wanted an ambulance for the 27-year-old.

– They had been there earlier in the day and stood outside. We looked at them and they stood and laughed earlier in the day, she says at a press conference outside the family’s home on Wednesday night.

PHILADELPHIA, USA: Dagbladet was in Philadelphia on Tuesday 27 October and spoke to a neighbor of the crime scene where Walter Wallace was shot and killed by police. Video: Lars Eivind Bones. Reporter: Trym Mature in the United States
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– We have good police officers and bad ones. It is the system within the system. Someone must be held accountable for what they did. They shot him many times. I do not understand what is happening. I hope the people show us and the city respect, says Wallace’s father Bob when asked by Dagbladet.

Massive demonstrations

Collected big win

A video of the shooting shows Wallace while there are obviously riots in the street here on Monday afternoon. At one point, his mother tries to hold him back. The two police officers who had moved to the scene have their weapons up.

Suddenly the 27-year-old comes towards them.

According to a statement from the police armed with a knife. According to police, he refused to drop the knife, and at least 14 shots fell. Mora and several witnesses flocked to while Wallace was lying on the ground. He was briefly pronounced dead at the hospital.

NB STRONG IMAGES: On Monday night, 27-year-old Walter Wallace was shot several times by Philadelphia police. Video: Instagram / liljrizzy and AP. Reporter: Madeleine Liereng / Dagbladet TV
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Father’s call

The police shooting has led to massive demonstrations in the streets here in Philadelphia. On Tuesday night, 91 people were arrested and 31 police officers injured. The protests continued until Wednesday night in large numbers in the city of millions.

Bob’s father strongly urged him to stop violent protests and looting.

– I can not sleep at night. every time i close my eyes i get flashbacks about more shots. It’s like my mind and body are in a frozen situation. I do not want it for anyone, he says Tuesday night.

- What the hell is wrong with him?

– What the hell is wrong with him?

– Need help

He tells how his wife and Walter’s mother experienced the situation. She witnessed it herself.

– My wife said: «do not shoot». She said they must have a different focus on life. When they press the trigger all the time, it’s awful. It’s a mindset. I wish no one experienced this. I need help and I do not deny it, he says.

LAWS INVESTIGATION: Philadelphia Police Chief Danielle Outlaw (center) was confronted by a number of residents Wednesday night during a rally about the Walter Wallace shooting. Photo: Trym Mogen / Dagbladet
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His father says he has worked as a garbage collector in Philadelphia for over 30 years. A large portion of Wallace’s family and friends had gathered inside and outside the family home in the Philadelphia neighborhood, where the houses are close together and large sections of the population are black.

– I believe in the law and I see if the law believes in me. I send out an SOS. Do not vandalize the city! is the father’s message to the protesters in the streets.

– Makes us look like animals

According to the mother, the son, who dreamed of becoming an artist, made an album about just that problem.

– He made a rap album about looting and everything. I hope you all listen to it, she says tonight.

KNUT: Philadelphia Mayor James F. Kenney said he felt crushed on behalf of the family who had lost Walter Wallace. Photo: Trym Mogen / Dagbladet
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– People who do it do not help me and my family, they do not show respect. They make us look like animals.

She also says that the police knew that the son had mental problems when they arrived.

– Extremely

The family’s lawyer, Shaka Johnson, tells Dagbladet that he is shocked by the police’s actions.

The men who intimidate the United States

The men who intimidate the United States

– The police were here earlier in the day, and I find it extremely emotionally demanding to think that you can call for assistance, and end up with the people you called killing you, he says.

He says he can not understand the concept.

– The emergency services were called because an ambulance and medical help was wanted. Police arrived and you see what happened, Johnson said.


Ready to give the stroke of mercy

Ready to give the stroke of mercy

The police have started an investigation of the two police officers and have promised a thorough investigation. The two police officers have not yet been questioned

Chief of Police Danielle Outlaw says that none of the officers should have brought electroshock weapons with them. She would not answer questions about what the police knew at the time of the call.

The shooting in Philadelphia comes just a week before the US presidential election, in a deeply divided country. The police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Jacob Blake earlier this year led to massive demonstrations in many places in the United States.

The big demonstrations come on top of a corona pandemic worse than ever. In both the United States and here in the state of Pennsylvania, infection records have been set in the last week.

Next Tuesday, the Americans go to the polls.


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