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The Voice Brasil debuts its ninth season this Thursday, 10/15. An unprecedented edition, full of great talents, dreams and opportunities for transformation. On the chairs, with the mission of selecting new voices and sharing the emotion of the competition with the participants: Carlinhos Brown, IZA, Lulu Santos and Michel Teló. In an interview, the technicians talk about the news that make this year’s program even more special.

IZA likes the voice, in ‘The Voice Brasil’ – Photo: TV Globo

Most recent team member, IZA the program is already a milestone in his career:

“This season is already super special for me. I am very happy to be back. My life has changed completely after The Voice. The number of people that the program reaches is absurd, so when we talk about career, about our life, once you pass there, everything changes. I’m very happy to be back, especially at this time when so many people need joy, to hear good stories, to see people making dreams come true, to see good things. ”

IZA on stage at The Voice Brasil 2020 – Photo: Globo / Victor Pollak

The artist, who had the opportunity to sing alongside Carlinhos Brown, at the beginning of her career, remembers the technician’s help, in a show in Bahia:

“I have an old history with master Carlinhos Brown. He turned the chair over to me, a long time ago, at the beginning of my career. I was on the edge of the stage waiting to take a picture with him, this in Bahia, during a passage of sound, and he didn’t even know who I was, but he asked me to sing with him. This is very typical of him, this generosity, this affection. Being with him, makes me very fulfilled, makes me think about the meetings that the music holds . ”

Cralinhos Brown returns to ‘The Voice Brasil’ team of technicians – Photo: Globo / Victor Pollak

Back at The Voice Brasil, after a season of exclusive dedication to The Voice Kids, Carlinhos Brown comments:

“The fact of going back to Lulu, Teló and meeting IZA, an artist with that luminosity … She says I turned the chair around, but she also turned to me, from the moment she accepted the invitation to sing at stage. It honors me a lot. ”

Regarding what is coming in the new edition, the singer adds:

“We are seeing a change in the candidates’ behavior. They are more confident than ever.”

Lulu Santos is part of the team of ‘The Voice Brasil’ since the first program, in 2012 – Photo: Globo / Victor Pollak

Present in all editions of the musical competition that arrived in Brazil in 2012, Lulu Santos points out that, even with nine years of existence in Brazil, each edition is unique:

“The Voice is getting better and better. Every time we do it, we like to do it more. For me, it has several advantages in making reality, one of them is being able to play as a team. For three months of the year, we can live together with so much diversity, with so much opinion, with so much democracy. Our program is one of the most democratic on Brazilian television. No matter color, creed, sex or age – from Kids to Senior – then we are inclusive. team, I really like playing this game with you. ”

Michel Teló is the technician with more victories in ‘The Voice Brasil’ – Photo: Globo / Victor Pollak

Unbeaten in the program since he took over as Daniel’s coach five years ago, Michel Teló highlights the importance of the new season:

“It is an opportunity to bring something good to the public in such a difficult year. And for us also to be able to hear people with a great desire to sing on stage, because this year, practically, we had no way of doing that. So, it is being incredible. , I’m so happy. It’s a program that has a beautiful legacy. I feel humbled to be part of this team. ”

Understand the dynamics of the ninth season:

Six stages separate candidates from all over the country from first place in The Voice Brasil, which starts with 64 approved participants and ends with just one champion: “Blind Hearings”, “Battles”, “Round of Fire”(Phase that starts the live presentations),“Live shows”(When the public starts voting),“Semifinal” e “Final”. The prize is R $ 500 thousand and a contract with the Universal Music label.

For the first time, The Voice Brasil will have a multiplatform broadcast on three different channels: TV Globo, Multishow and Globoplay. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the reality show will air on TV Globo shortly after the soap opera ‘A strength of wanting’. In the following days, on Wednesdays and Fridays, Multishow will replay the content from 8:30 pm. At Globoplay, the program is broadcast simultaneously on open TV, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and is available to subscribers on demand, in full.

The Voice Brasil has artistic direction from Creso Eduardo Macedo and presentation of Tiago Leifert, with Jeniffer Nascimento backstage. The reality show is scheduled to open on October 15, after ‘The strength of wanting’.

IMPORTANT: To ensure the safety of everyone, participants, cast and staff of the program follow all the guidelines of the Security Protocol of Globo and the World Health Organization. Among the care, candidates are constantly tested, have accommodation and individual dressing rooms and arrive ready to the studio, in addition to keeping their distance in all the places where they circulate. The reality team also complies with all the basic guidelines of the Protocol during the recordings.

Check out the presentations by The Voice Brasil winners:

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