‘The voice’ returns today with the return of Carlinhos Brown, who says he cried when he was out of the program


Beautiful voices and emotion follow the script unchanged. But the ninth edition of “The voice Brasil’’, which opens today after “The strength of wanting”, arrives full of changes. This year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the families of the participants will attend presentations from their homes and there will be no audience.

Tiago Leifert is the host of the attraction Photo: Victor Pollak / TV Globo / Disclosure

Through a resource that combines image, light and sound, however, candidates will feel the vibration of a crowd. The attraction will also be shown on Thursdays after the soap opera and will be multiplatform, with simultaneous and on demand exhibitions at Globoplay, as well as reruns on Wednesdays and Fridays at Multishow.

Jeniffer Nascimento will present the backstage of the
Jeniffer Nascimento will present the backstage of “The Voice Brasil” Photo: Victor Pollak / TV Globo / Disclosure

Another novelty is that Carlinhos Brown is back in place of his fellow Ivete Sangalo. He joins technicians Lulu Santos, Michel Teló and IZA. In the absence of the welcoming embrace of the technicians, Brown tells how they deal with social detachment.

Carlinhos Brown
Carlinhos Brown Photo: Victor Pollak / TV Globo / Disclosure

– The pandemic has changed the contact we have dreamed of and this is already happening in the dressing room. We were in the habit of visiting each other and cannot anymore. But we created a hug from a distance and I believe it is working – explains the technician, who celebrates his return:

– This tour taught me that I needed to cry with “The voice Brasil” even though I wasn’t participating. The program is truly exciting. Veveta, my sister, is not in this season, but that does not mean being absent (the singer officially stated that leaving the program was not an easy decision, but it did not justify the reasons).

IZA Photo: Victor Pollak / TV Globo / Disclosure

Technical for the second consecutive year, IZA highlights the importance of the program for her:

– My life changed completely after “The voice Brasil”. The number of people that the program reaches is absurd. And Carlinhos turned the chair over to me a long time ago, when he asked me to sing with him at the beginning of my career. Being with him makes me feel fulfilled.

Michel Teló
Michel Teló Photo: Victor Pollak / TV Globo / Disclosure

Winner of the last five seasons, Teló arrives in search of the hexa and says that the chill in the belly continues.

– It is a great opportunity, in such a difficult year, to bring something good to the public and to us as well. We heard people who were so eager to go on stage and sing. This program has a beautiful legacy.

Lulu Santos
Lulu Santos Photo: Victor Pollak / TV Globo / Disclosure

Lulu emphasizes that, even with the changes due to the pandemic, reality is getting better.

– Our program is one of the most democratic on Brazilian TV. Everyone has the opportunity, regardless of color, creed, sex or age. From kids to senior.


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