The war is between Xbox and PlayStation, but the winner is another


Microsoft and Sony are in an unbridled struggle to see who can convince more consumers to buy new generations of consoles. The launches of Xbox Series S / X and PlayStation 5 are scheduled for just before Christmas, but the big winner of this war will be another, according to experts.

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It is precisely at Christmas that this type of product receives the greatest demand. But that same demand will be an obstacle for both companies. This is because it is believed that they will not be able to meet consumer demand for new consoles. Nintendo keeps smiling.

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Nintendo Switch is going to be the big winner of the war between the PlayStation and the Xbox

Analyst Matt Piscatella of the NDP Group believes that stockouts of new generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony will stimulate demand for Nintendo Switch in the US. In the analyst’s opinion, the stimulus will be enough to the point of Switch becoming the best-selling console of the holiday season. This is only speaking of the North American market, although a similar effect can be expected in other markets. Namely, in Europe.

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