The weather: – – It will be beautiful


After days of gray weather and buckets of precipitation in some places, the autumn sun will shine again over southern Norway next week.

– It will be great, says on-duty meteorologist Kristian Gislefoss at the Meteorological Institute to Dagbladet.

The good weather forecast extends all the way to next weekend.

ALMOST SKYLESS: There will be sun from mostly cloudless skies in southern Norway Monday to Friday next week. Illustration: Meteorological Institute
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– Just fine weather

The westerners are the best off.

– There will probably be at least clouds in Western Norway, but also Southern and Eastern Norway will have beautiful weather, says Gislefoss.

Apart from the possibility of precipitation at the far end of the coast of Sørlandet on Monday and Tuesday, it looks like it will be a dry and clear week in the whole of southern Norway.

NICE IN THE MOUNTAINS: Also in the mountains there will be great autumn weather next week. Here from the mountain in Gravdalen between Kvam and Vinstra in Gudbrandsdalen on an October day in 2015. Photo: Paul Kleiven / NTB
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– Otherwise it is just fine weather to report. All in all, I think it will be a very nice autumn week in many places.

But it will not be hot.

– It will be 10-12 degrees. Nordavind means that it will not be quite as hot, and in the inner areas there will be a great chance of night frost in some places.

I FULL FART: A man in the Australian city of Perth was caught the moment the whole city was engulfed by a gray storm cloud on February 25.
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Danger of snow in the north

In northern Norway, October has so far offered unusually high temperatures, according to meteorologists. But this week it will turn around.

– From Trøndelag and north it will be a little more varied, with rain and rain showers. Trøndelag is likely to have a few days with slightly better weather, while further north it will unfortunately be many gray weather days, Gislefoss says.

In Finnmark, a warning for snow has been issued from Monday evening to Tuesday evening. The forecast applies to outer areas over approximately 300 to 400 meters.

– It will be a fairly low snow limit, says Gislefoss.

At the same time, it warns of night frost and difficult driving conditions at mountain passes.

Now comes the slippery: Excellent winter tires!

– The temperatures will be so low that you will not be very high before the precipitation comes as snow, because there will not be too many degrees in Troms and Finnmark, I think.

According to the meteorologist, it is possible that the snow that comes to the week may remain.


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