There are fake COVID-19 tracking apps


There are several countries that now offer apps for tracking COVID-19. The aim is to help break the chains of contagion more quickly.

However, opportunists are also on the lookout and have created spyware for Android that disguises itself as pornographic applications and COVID-19 tracking.

According to a Kaspersky investigation, a new spyware for Android was discovered by the ATP Transparent Tribe group, posing as adult content and official COVID-19 applications, which reinforces the group's tendency to expand its operations and infect mobile devices.

Watch out for the COVID-19 tracking apps you install! In Portugal there is only one official ...

During the investigation of the Transparent Tribe, Kaspersky found an Android implant used to spy on mobile devices in the attacks it spread in India, using fake applications to track COVID-19 and pornography. The connection between the group and the two applications was made through related domains that the group used to host malicious files for different campaigns.

Android Alert: There are fake COVID-19 tracking apps

Once downloaded, applications try to install another Android file - a modified version of the Android Remote Access Tool (RAT) AhMyth - open source malware downloadable from GitHub, which was built by linking a malicious payload to others legitimate applications. According to the security company, the app is able to download new applications to the phone, access SMS messages, the microphone, call log, device location, and list and upload files to an external server from the phone.

Also remember that in March, ransomware campaigns circulated. In Portugal, the only reliable app for tracking COVID-19 is called STAYAWAY COVID. . This app, whose installation is voluntary, allows to identify, quickly and anonymously and through physical proximity, contagion networks by COVID-19. Then, it informs users that they have been in the same 14 space in the same space as someone infected with the new coronavirus.

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