There are things a parent doesn’t want to see! Pedro Fernandes on daughter involvement: I don’t want to see explicit things – National


Despite its more avant-garde image, Pedro Fernandes has always shown himself to be a more traditional father when it comes to his daughter, Jéssica Fernandes, one of the contestants in this edition of ‘Big Brother- The Revolution’. In fact, it will not be easy for Pedro Fernandes to watch the increasingly hot involvement between the young fado singer and one of his housemates, Renato. The TV Guia magazine said about his “girl”: “She is a very nice girl… My only fear is that she will be confused and give up“.

As for Jessica’s relationship with Renato, Pedro did not hesitate to say that he is afraid that his daughter will be sexually involved with her colleague on camera: “I already realized that Renato entered the program with a purpose: to find the woman of his life “.

He concluded: “As a parent, I don’t want to see explicit things. But that I think is me or someone else. It’s something I don’t control. If you ask me, of course I don’t want to see it.“.


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