There are those who do not win this reform! Cristina Ferreira spends a fortune on baby shoes for her friend Helena Coelho – Nacional


Cristina Ferreira was the guest of Ruben Rua and Helena Coelho in ‘VivaVida’. on Saturday 17th, and wanted to bring a gift for the baby of the new TVI presenter … even though I still don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl! However, the director of Entertainment and Fiction at Queluz de Baixo station wanted her gift to be unforgettable and, for that, chose unisex shoes from the renowned luxury brand Dolce & Gabbana. The ‘influencer’ was delighted with the mini-sneakers and even shared a photo of them on their social networks. “THEThe first shoes of my little one are a gift from Cristina Ferreira. NAren’t they wonderful? Literally the size of a finger my ahah “, you can read.

Cristina’s gift for Helena Coelho’s son.

Shoes for the newborn are on sale on the brand’s website and cost 165 euros. Cristina Ferreira’s gift was a hit on social media. Helena Coelho’s followers were melted with the accessory.


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