There is a case of covid-19 at Escola Bartolomeu Perestrelo


Iolanda Chaves

A student at Escola Bartolomeu Perestrelo is infected with covid-19.

This is the first case of the disease detected in a school in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, confirmed by the Regional Secretariat of Education, which issued a statement a few moments ago.

“The school will operate on a normal basis, with regular school activities being ensured, under safe conditions”, assures the Regional Secretariat.

This is the statement that can be consulted on the SRE website:

“1 – The Regional Secretariat for Education, Science and Technology (SRE) informs that the contingency plan of the Basic School of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Cycles with Preschool Bartolomeu Perestrelo has been activated, following the test positive for COVID-19 from a student at the school today.

2 – In accordance with the procedures provided for in the said contingency plan and with the determinations of the regional Health authority, a group of 31 students from the school have already been identified for testing.

3. With the exception of this group of students, who will not be attending school tomorrow, the educational establishment will operate on a normal basis, with regular school activities being ensured, in safe conditions.

4. As this is a case detected as a result of a positive test by a family member who, contrary to all rules and recommendations, did not respect the isolation to which they should have been subject until confirmation of the test result performed at the Airport after returning from the city from Porto, the SRE again appeals to strict observance of the rules and recommendations of the Health authority and the procedures of the schools’ contingency plans, under penalty of collective security being jeopardized by acts of individual irresponsibility. “


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