There is a country where Apple will not be able to remove EarPods from the iPhone 12


Apple’s decision to remove some elements from the iPhone 12 case took many potential users by surprise. Until now, it was normal for the charger and EarBuds to be present on every new iPhone sold.

Despite being a global decision and applicable in all countries where the iPhone 12 will be sold, there is apparently an exception. There is a country where Apple will not remove EarPods from the iPhone case and will continue to have them present.

EarPods and charger disappear from the box

Apple's reason for removing the iPhone 12 charger and EarPods is environmentally friendly. By removing these components, which millions already have in their homes, they mainly avoid the use of materials and processes that are aggressive to the environment.

To help those who need to renew these elements, Apple has now decided to reduce the price it practices in its online store. That help seems to be important, but there is a place where it will prove unnecessary. From what has been discovered, there is a country where EarPods will continue to be present.

France forces changes on iPhone 12

It will be very close to Portugal that this situation will happen. It may look like a cartoon, but in France, there is a legal requirement that prevents Apple from removing EarPods. These will remain present and to be sold with the iPhone 12.

The reason is in French law that requires manufacturers to have a speakerphone kit or headphones on their equipment. Above all, they serve to protect children under 14 years of age from electromagnetic radiation. Otherwise, the fine will be 75,000 euros.

Legal application that Apple must respect

The French government is still not convinced that prolonged exposure to radiation is harmless, especially in children. The legislation is clear on this point and requires manuals and packaging to recommend the use of non-free kits or headphones.

The situation in France will be unique and there is a very strong reason for this to happen. Apple is committed to reducing the ecological footprint of its products and this certainly appears to be a logical and correct path.


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