There is a new symptom of Covid-19 that is worrying experts. Know which – World


There is a new symptom that arises through infection with the new coronavirus that is worrying specialists: skin rashes. Doctors around the world believe that this should be added to the official list of symptoms caused by Covid-19 and that it should be taken as seriously as fever, dry cough or loss of smell.

The World Health Organization has already included “rashes on the skin or discoloration of the fingers and toes” in the list of symptoms, however, health officials in several countries continue to ignore this symptom, the newspaper said. The Mirror.

The UK Dermatologists Association has created a website that shows images of skin rashes from patients infected with Covid-19 to help people identify their problems.

“This is an important step towards raising awareness of the virus. Without patients realizing the significance of the rash, they do not know that they need to isolate themselves to stop spreading the virus to other people,” explains Justine Kluk, a dermatologist.

According to the expert, children are twice as likely to develop skin rashes compared to adults, and in the UK, one in six had this symptom alone, without a sign of fever or cough, the so-called “classic signs” of the virus. .


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