“There is enormous pressure on public health services”


A press conference update information concerning infection for the new coronavirus it took place today, and as usual, after the epidemiological bulletin was published and revealed that Portugal once again broke the daily record with 2,608 diagnoses in the last 24 hours. As for fatalities, the DGS revealed that 21 people did not resist the virus on the last day.

It was up to Secretary of State for Health Diogo Serras Lopes ‘to kick-start’, starting by praising the reinforcement made so far in the National Health Service (SNS), highlighting the hiring of more than five thousand health professionals, the 731 fans acquired, and the capacity to testing which, according to him, this week exceeded 30 thousand daily tests for several days.

Also according to the government official, the line SNS 24 answered this month more than 20 thousand calls per day. The percentage of global bed occupancy is around 70%.

785,000 doses of flu vaccine distributed

A directorGeneral of Health revealed, this Friday, that 785 thousand doses of flu vaccine were distributed and guaranteed that, “next week, we will reach 1 million and 400 thousand doses”. “We purchased the largest number of doses for the National Health Service: 2 million”, stressed Graça Freitas.

179 codes entered in the app StayAway Covid

Asked about the screening application StayAway Covid, the secretary clarified that over one million 683 thousand people have already downloaded and 179 people infected entered the code provided by the doctors.

As for the mandatory nature of the app, Diogo Serras Lopes said only that they are waiting for a decision to be taken by the Assembly of the Republic regarding the Government’s draft law.

Doctors monitor possible sequelae of patients

Regarding the possible sequelae of the patients, Graça Freitas recalled that studies on this issue are beginning to emerge, but two different situations must be distinguished.

“As do foro neuromuscular and related to the loss of physical capacity that may have directly to do with the disease Covid or the fact that some of these patients have had prolonged hospital stays, namely in intensive care units “, explained the responsible.

According to director-General of Health, “those who stay in intensive care units, namely ventilated and for long periods, regardless of the disease that gave rise to this hospitalization, may have sequelae that are often not permanently”.

And, Graça Freitas guarantees, “the doctors at the hospitals who discharged these patients follow their convalescence and monotorizam the appearance and disappearance of these sequelae “.

“There is enormous pressure on public health services”

A directorGeneral of Health today recognized that “there is enormous pressure on public health services”. “We have many patients and cases and the epidemiological investigation implies that, starting with each diagnosed case, we go looking for contacts,” he explained.

These contacts are divided into high risk, which must remain in isolation, and low, do not have to do so, but must comply with the rules of safety and distance.

Public health teams reinforced with interns

To reinforce public health teams, the directorGeneral of Health revealed that “there was a contact between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Higher Education so that, through nursing schools, students from the last years, accompanied by teachers, can do an internship in these public health units and receive training that in the first phase is given by DGS.

These students will assist public health teams in conducting epidemiological surveys, detect contacts “as soon as possible” and the accompanythe, clarified the responsible.

860 home users have died since the beginning of pandemic

Graça Freitas revealed that 860 users of homes and homes for the elderly have died since the beginning of the pandemic. According to the official, of these Deaths, 349 occurred in the North, 152 in the Center, 333 in Lisbon and the Tagus Valley, 20 in the Alentejo and six in the Algarve.

Pressure in Amadora-Sintra and Beatriz Angelo “is not a new issue”

Asked about pressure in Amadora-Sintra and Beatriz hospitals Angelo, who asked not to refer them to urgent patients, Diogo Serra Lopes stressed that “there are occasional cases that are not specific, nor new from pandemic, have already happened in other situations “.

“There are situations in which a given hospital is unable to provide the necessary response, it is part of day-to-day management. It is not a particularly new question”, he added.

Audience in Formula 1 and Moto GP? It is being “equated”

In turn, regarding the public return to Formula 1 and Moto GP in the Algarve, Graça Freitas announced that “both issues are being addressed according to the epidemiological situation in the region of the country”. “We are being very cautious,” he said.

Patients without worsening symptoms: “At the end of the tenth day, they practically do not infect anyone”

“At the end of the 10th day, they practically do not infect anyone”

At the end of conferêcia, a directorGeneral of Health was asked about the new DGS, which determines that patients be discharged asymptomatic or with mild symptoms after 10 days, and that has generated some confusion and controversy.

“A person infeciosa, 48 hours before manifesting symptoms, can transmit the disease to others, but this transmission is less over time. If the patient does not have a fever, or worsening of any symptoms, at the end of the 10th. practically does not infect anyone. We learn from the studies that come out. Different is having someone who is asymptomatic and it’s a contact. That contact is 14 days in isolation prophylactic, which has to do with the incubation period. It has the virus, but there is no manifestation that it has it ”, explained Graça Freitas.

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