“There is no point to pick him up”: Marcelo teaches Covid-19 denialist ‘lesson’ – Politics


This Friday, the President of the Republic was at a dinner with the mayors of the Municipal Councils of the Algarve at a restaurant in Vila do Bispo. What I shouldn’t have been waiting for was to take thirty minutes out of that dinner to respond to Covid-19 deniers and who ensure that China is controlled by the financial interests of five capitalist families. The President rediscovered a former student who accused him of promulgating anti-constitutional documents and who even asked that the former university professor lose his title of doctor of law and decided to give a class again.

When Marcelo left the restaurant, he came across four citizens, including two foreign women and a former student, who did not wear masks and said they had been waiting for an audience with the President since ten in the morning. Without complying with the physical distance that is recommended (two meters, less in the open air, as it happened) and also without individual protection masks – the President kept it on – they exposed their questions and theories about the world and the “lie” which is Covid-19. Behind them, there was a crowd of some deniers and theorists who were debiting some bites, including, saying that Marcelo was “arming in silly”.

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