Therefore, she responded to the breach report


In August, blogger and influencer Anniken Jørgensen (24) confirmed that her off-and-on boyfriend Anders Gran had once again ended. The break-up revealed the 24-year-old herself on Instagram Story, where she wrote that they had tried several times to make the relationship work.

After the break-up, Jørgensen went hard on Instagram against the media that covered the case. Now the influencer tells more about the background because she finds it unpleasant that the press mentions her private life.

REUNITED: Anniken Jørgensen and Anders Gran became lovers – again – just before the coronavirus occurred. Video: Red Carpet / @ annijor / Youtube
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– It is very strange to be a public person. Everything does not have to be shown, and my relationship also goes far beyond my love life. You are usually very back and forth, and is not it normal? says Jørgensen to Se og Hør at the Costume Awards, and continues:

– You make it end, you are with someone, it did not work completely. It’s very strange that someone in a way has to cover it all the time, and I think that is unnecessary. I do not think anything of it.

That’s why she joins the “Bloggers”

The popular blogger would rather talk about other things in life – such as writing.

– Do you have a little authorial dream?

– Yes, maybe in the end. But then I have to be old, that is. Then it’s sixty plus, the 24-year-old jokes to See and Hear.

END: Earlier this year, Anders Gran and Anniken Jørgensen separated, something the latter did not like at all that the press mentioned. Photo: Nina Hansen / Dagbladet
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Learns French

Anniken Jørgensen also says that the corona pandemic has led to major changes in her life – among other things, the plans to move abroad had to be shelved.

– I was actually going to move to France in April to learn French, but it went very badly. So then I have taken the matter into my own hands and sit on Duolingo, which is an app on my mobile, says the well-known influencer.

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The 24-year-old even admits that she is now starting to become quite steady in the elegant language.

FLAUSE: Anniken Jørgensen sent an instant message to Karpes Chirag Patel. Here she tells about how it went. Video: Thea Hope. Reporter: Ingebjørg Iversen / Rød Løper
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– Yes, I think so. I can read it, but if anyone talks to me, I do not understand anything.

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In this way, Norwegians can save NOK 4.25 billion in interest costs

In this way, Norwegians can save NOK 4.25 billion in interest costs

Jørgensen also recently published the novel “Og så kom regnet”, which is her second book. When she released the book “Just another night” in 2018, DJ Simen Auke tried to stop the release – because he thought he was betrayed. In the end, however, the parties reached an agreement – without going to court.

Therefore, she had to withdraw from

Therefore, she had to withdraw from “The Farm Celebrity”

This time, the release has gone more smoothly, something Jørgensen is happy about.

– It has been a lot of fun, a little less fuzz and a little less reviews this time, and a little less lawsuits. So it’s delicious, I relax with it, she says to Dagbladet

SPECIAL: Blogger Anniken Jørgensen has had several photos deleted from Instagram, and thinks it is really special. Reporter: Henriette Eilertsen Video: Thea Hope / Red Carpet
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Split up

It was as mentioned in August that Jørgensen revealed that she and Gran had parted ways – again. They found each other again in February this year – but this time too the relationship was not to last.

“This is probably what most people want to know, and no. We are not together. We actually ended it a while ago and I wish him the best. He is my best friend, but we have tried many times to make it work “, she wrote on Instagram in August.

- I was so damn ashamed

– I was so damn ashamed

The blogger also explained then that she thinks it is strange to be in a public relationship, and that the reason why she did not comment on the break-up earlier, was that she did not want to see it discussed elsewhere.

“I do not think it is important news for anyone but myself and the people I want to tell it to, so yes. But I’m fine and we really tried. Maybe it will work when we are older “, she wrote further.

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