These four symptoms are the clues that lead to ‘extended Covid-19’, alert report – Executive Digest


“Prolonged Covid-19” refers to a picture of continued symptoms after infection with the new coronavirus. It is a condition that is beginning to be reported by more and more people who have been infected and, as the name implies, it translates into the prolonged impact of the symptoms of Covid-19, specifically four.

According to a report by the National Institute for Health Research in the UK, prolonged covid-19 is affecting people in four different ways. This condition can manifest itself in permanent damage to the organs of the lungs and heart, intensive post-treatment syndrome, post-viral fatigue syndrome, and continuous symptoms of the new coronavirus.

Based on interviews with 14 members of a prolonged covid-19 support group on Facebook, the investigation found recurrent symptoms that affect breathing, the brain, the heart and the cardiovascular system down to the kidneys, the intestine, the liver and the skin.

The report also indicates that thousands of patients may be living with “prolonged covid-19”, despite the vast majority of people recovering from minor infections within two weeks and more severe infections within three weeks.

“It is becoming clear that, for some individuals, infection with the new coronavirus is a disease with long-term effects.” “For some people, these symptoms are related to rehabilitation following a hospital stay, but others are reporting changes that changed their lives, with symptoms that are becoming more serious as time goes by”, concludes the investigation .

Carrying out a “work diagnosis” for this condition would help people to have more support and would also allow them to better study the prolonged covid-19 and its symptoms.

The British National Health Service recently announced that it will set up specific clinics for these patients, which could be “hundreds of thousands”. The report estimates that one in 10 infected may ‘suffer’ from prolonged covid-19.


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