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These matches should never have been played

The Nations League is rolling across Europe. While Martin Ødegaard contributed to Norway beating Northern Ireland, Denmark won over England and Portugal over Sweden this Wednesday. Photo: VG / EPA / AP

Under extreme circumstances, it is unjustifiable and unnecessary to force through a new round of a tournament that few understand what it is all about.

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The fact that a new Nations League is being played right now screams for some critical questions:

  • Why should European national teams go through the mysterious concept in the middle of a pandemic?
  • Why aren’t more people in football stopping and asking the obvious, overarching question: Do we really need this right now?

If one is to analyze the problem, it is not only the virus crisis that creates fundamental problems in the choice of the football tops. Two main reasons indicate that it would have been wise to drop such a far-reaching match program as the national teams must through the autumn of 2020.


It is not a matter of course that top sports are practiced in Europe, at a time when almost all the countries in question are “red”. The sport manages a fragile trust they have received from the authorities in different countries, which can be withdrawn at any time, at a time when one corona alarm replaces the other.

Then one can wonder how wisely trust is managed. Would it have been more appropriate to concentrate on getting rid of the strictly important thing, rather than indulging in matches everywhere? Do we have to have home and away matches between Latvia and the Faroe Islands?

A recent example puts the issue at the forefront: Israel and Norway lost the opportunity to reach the European Championships, but soon the countries will probably meet in a “bronze final” for the previous Nations League. In other words, a match without any practical value. This means that the apparatus of a country outside Schengen is going on a completely unnecessary journey to Norway. In November. Just because you have to fulfill an obligation to UEFA.

Is reason then screwed up in those who decide?

Many will think that relatively few cases of infection show that it was right to open up football under strict conditions. But there are differences in degrees of opening.

Developments show how fragile everything is, and we constantly see examples of infection that can have sporting consequences. When Portugal suddenly has to do without Cristiano Ronaldo due to covids infection, it is not sportingly irrelevant (even if it went well without him against Sweden). In the global arena, infection histories of names such as Zlatan, Neymar, Pogba, Dybala, Di Maria, Mbappé, Rugani, Navas, Thiago, Marquinhos, Mané and Hudson-Odoi show that even strict infection control requirements have spared football from covid-19.

And should one first drop something, to ensure the best possible probability that what matters most actually becomes something, a new round of the Nations League should be one of the first to be scrapped.

10 out of 13 European places for the upcoming world championships will in any case be filled through the ordinary qualification. If the will had been there, a different solution could easily have been found for the rest of the places than more Nations League now. It would have been more sensible to solve this at a time when the probability of a vaccine and more normal conditions had been present.

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Football stars are privileged, but at the same time people with a tolerance limit for strain. The sum of everything in 2020 gives reason to ask whether the elastic is stretched too far. Conditions vary from country to country, but many are starting a new season after minimal rest, and the density of matches this autumn is heavy. How many end up unnecessarily in the hospital?

Lars Lagerbäck is absolutely right when he talks about the physiological soundness of three games in six days. But this also comes on top of how it has been for many in a strange year. Time will tell how the autumn will eventually affect injury statistics and thus competition conditions for both club and national teams. But we have talked far too little this autumn about how the players’ work tools, ie the body, are thinned and thinned to get as much done as possible in a short time.

What exactly is the Nations League? Hear the national team boys’ explanation – VGTV


In the discussion about the Nations League, there is also a backdrop that some believe the rules are too rebus-like. Arsène Wenger has stated that “if you ask people on the street what the Nations League is, you will not find many who are able to explain it”. (See a thorough explanation HERE). If it is the case that the regular supporter does not follow the rules and the way forward, is there something wrong with the supporter or the rule makers? Or is it really that difficult if you bother to get acquainted with the matter?

Now the big conversation about the Nations League is a slightly different dish, but this very version we could do well without.

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