‘They brought me up so I can see myself the way I am’


Actress Lívian Aragão – daughter of humorist Renato Aragão – confessed that she suffered aesthetic pressure to change her physical appearance, but her parents always encouraged her to accept her body and hair.

“My parents raised me for me get me look in the mirror and see me the way I am. I always accepted my way of being, my image, my body “, said the actress in an interview with Vogue.

She said she always had a hard time understanding why people wanted to be all the same.

I grew up under the spotlight and it would be hypocritical of me to say that I didn’t feel pressure to change my physical appearance. I saw girls wanting to lose weight to be more ‘beautiful’ or coloring their hair because it was the trend of the moment. I never thought it was cool to do something under pressure from society.

Growing up in the artistic world, Lívian began to understand feminism and empowerment as the years went by and began to question gender inequalities – including wages – in the industry. “It didn’t make sense in my head. That’s when I started to understand certain things, to research, to ask,” he explained.

I like the way I am, different, like my hair. ANDu grew up trying to understand my hair that i always loved, but i didn’t know how to take care of it properly. There is a whole ritual for curly hair; you need to learn how to dry properly, moisturize the right way, fix it the right way the next day you washed it.


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