‘They look like advisers to the Chinese regime’, says Constantino about those who ignore vaccine origin


Speech by Vice President Mourão, who opposed Bolsonaro by defending the addition of Coronavac to the Brazilian calendar if it works, was the subject of comments in 3 in 1

EFE / Andre BorgesCoronavac, Sinovac vaccine, is in phase 3 of tests

In yet another controversy involving production and purchase of the Coronavac vaccine, immunizer developed by the Butantan Institute with Chinese technology, President Hamilton Mourão denied Jair Bolsonaro’s position in an interview with Veja magazine on Friday, 30. While the president says he will not buy the Chinese vaccine under any circumstances, the vice says that, if the effectiveness of the immunizer is proven, the vaccine will enter the Brazilian calendar. “The government will buy the vaccine, of course it will. We have already put the resources in Butantan to produce this vaccine, the government will not run away from that ”, he declared. The subject was the subject of conversation among the commentators of the 3 in 1 program, Young pan, this Friday. For Rodrigo Constantino, the vice president has returned to talk excessively with the press, which ends up not being so positive for the government’s image. He used the example of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, and his deputy, Mike Pence, to talk about the roles of a deputy in power. “You don’t really notice this kind of hierarchy breakdown in the United States, I think Pence understands better what his role is and what his role is,” he analyzed. Regarding the vaccine, he maintained the opinion that the origin “We have a point when we say that the origin of the vaccine matters. So many people are left with this ‘no, it doesn’t matter’ narrative, they seem more like advisers to the Chinese regime, ”he guaranteed, recalling that the deputy may not compose Bolsonaro’s ticket for the 2022 reelection.

Thais Oyama made a connection between Hamilton Mourão’s positions and the series of setbacks suffered by military portfolio representatives in the federal government in recent weeks. She recalled the lack of punishment for Ricardo Salles when he offended Minister Luiz Eduardo Ramos by calling him “maria gossip” and the moment when, within the controversy surrounding Coronavac, Bolsonaro denied Minister Eduardo Pazuello and removed the flag of purchase 46 million doses of the Chinese vaccine. “Vice Mourão is paying back and he is the spokesman for this episode. Why is he the mouthpiece? Because he has nothing to lose, right? First because he is indemissible and then because he has already been warned, as Constantino recalled, that he will not be President Bolsonaro’s zero two in 2022 ”, he said. Josiah Souza he agreed with Oyama’s logic and stated that “at a time when humiliating the military became a habit in the government, Mourão says out loud what the generals who command desks in the highlands cannot declare”. For him, Mourão’s position shows inconsistencies within the federal government itself. “President Bolsonaro’s government has a secret project that overrides all of its public initiatives. “Bolsonaro’s great priority, of Vice President Hamilton Mourão, is to make opposition parties unnecessary in Brazil. The government seems determined to demonstrate that it is self-sufficient, that the members govern and they themselves are opposed to the government ”, he pointed out.

Check out the 3 in 1 program this Friday, 30, in full:


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