Think about buying an SUV over R $ 120 thousand? So wait until 2021


Undoubtedly one of the subjects that moved the week was the debut of the unprecedented Volkswagen Taos different markets in the Americas.

Taking a ride on this topic, the Taos is a great hook to comment on because it is very worthwhile to wait until 2021 to purchase a new car, especially if the desired model is an SUV and you have reserved, say, between R $ 120 thousand and R $ 150 thousand for this acquisition.

The midsize SUV category promises to be one of the highlights of next year. Not only because of the VW Taos, but we will also have the Toyota Corolla Cross launch national and maybe even the import of new 3008 e 5008. Recently presented in Europe, the Peugeot duo won an external facelift and improvements to the cabin, further emphasizing the care with design and the internal finish that has permeated SUVs since their debut.

It is important to mention that the Jeep Compass, which today accounts for more than 60% of the category’s sales, will not be comfortable watching all this and will move to preserve its space in the midst of increasingly fierce competition. Also for 2021, Jeep probably plans to launch the Compass with the new 1.3 turbo engine, in addition to promoting an aesthetic overhaul for the SUV both inside and out. One of the enhancements that Compass 2022 you will receive is a new multimedia center, with advanced features and a larger screen depending on the version.

With the mechanical improvement expected for next year, the Jeep Compass will be aligned with a large part of the competition, which today already receives turbo flex engines. The power unit that will be applied to the Compass will also stand out for its sophisticated features, such as the latest generation of the MultiAir system for controlling not only time, but also the valve opening stroke. The technology will certainly improve the efficiency of the propellant, which is expected to deliver around 180 hp.

Under the hood of the Argentine VW Taos we will find here in Brazil the 1.4 TSI engine, known for its efficiency, but which has already received improvements in North America. As technical differentials, Taos should bet especially on the size of its body. With this, the cabin of the novelty should be quite generous for its 5 passengers, as well as the Taos will offer a trunk markedly larger than that offered by Compass. In fact, this is a point where the Jeep model owes many direct competitors. For those with a large family, a good trunk is certainly a relevant attribute.

Designed for emerging markets, the future Toyota Corolla Cross produced in the interior of São Paulo is another medium-sized new generation SUV that will bet on a generous trunk, almost bordering on 500 liters of capacity, to win customers in the country. By combining the reputation that the brand has earned in the country with the name Corolla, the best-selling medium sedan in Brazil, the SUV is certainly a model that promises to move not only with the category, but with the SUV segment in general.

Of all the news, the forecast is that only the Corolla Cross will count since the launch with an electrified option, adopting the same mechanical set of the sedan in the most expensive options. As it became a strategy of the Japanese manufacturer, the company chose not to go the way of downsizing engines with the use of turbo and direct injection, starting at once for the diffusion of hybrid mechanical assemblies. With that, we can expect an excellent level of consumption at the Corolla Cross, especially in the city.

Toyota’s most affordable options may include the 2.0 Dynamic Force engine, as is the case with the sedan.

Considering that currently a Volkswagen T-Cross Highline 250 TSI is priced at R $ 122,990, making it the most expensive catalog for the compact SUV, and a VW Tiguan Allspace starts from R $ 145,430 with the same 1.4 turbo engine as the T-Cross Highline , it is certain that Taos will operate in a market range between these two values, perhaps reaching R $ 150 thousand, depending on the options. By the way, it will make little sense for Volkswagen to continue importing the Tiguan Allspace 5 places from Mexico after Taos’ debut. Nowadays the Tiguan Allspace Comfortline with 7 seats costs R $ 173,410, which leaves a more than comfortable space for the Taos within the VW range in Brazil.

The same reasoning for pricing is valid for speculating the values ​​of the national Corolla Cross, which should guide its market position by looking at the Jeep Compass and the VW Taos. Toyota has not offered a more affordable SUV in Brazil for a long time than the SW4 (R $ 194,850 in the SR 2.7 flex version) and the RAV4 (R $ 219,990 in the S Connect entry catalog).

Nowadays the Jeep Compass with 2.0 flex engine gravitates between R $ 128,790 (entry version Sport) and R $ 162,590 in the most complete catalog Limited, the top of the line with bi-fuel engine. When the 1.3 turbo reaches the Compass range, the values ​​are unlikely to change much, especially considering that the new engine family will be produced in Brazil.

So, if you want a sportier SUV that is more spacious, modern and equipped than today’s compact SUVs, it is prudent to wait until the excellent crop of good news among the mid-size SUVs that we will see in 2021. A category today full of very competent options, will make it even more complete and interesting. Let’s follow!

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