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CENTRAL: The apartment block where the late SIAN activist Dan Eivind Lid (48) was found dead is almost surrounded by surveillance cameras. Photo: TOMM W. CHRISTIANSEN / VG

KRISTIANSAND / OSLO (VG) This surveillance camera may have captured one or more perpetrators behind the murder of SIAN activist Dan Eivind Lid (48).

The camera in question is mounted on the wall outside the apartment block where the deceased 48-year-old lived – and covers the area outside his apartment.

Two of the apartment’s windows and a patio door face directly to this area, and the police have, among other things, covered one of these windows with a black cover, and carried out fittings through the patio door.

In addition, the police have cordoned off a large area on the outside of this side of the apartment block.

On the opposite side of the block is the entrance, which is also monitored by a camera. There is therefore a possibility that the police can also get help from this camera in the search for one or more people who can be linked to the case.

According to VG’s information, the cameras around the block must be of an older type, which means that the quality of the images is poor. The police must therefore go through the videos second by second, which is time consuming.

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As the hours and days tick by, the job becomes increasingly difficult for the homicide investigators. A rule of thumb is that the first 48 hours are the most critical.

One and a half days after the 48-year-old activist Dan Eivind Lid in SIAN (Stop the Islamization of Norway) was found dead, the police have still not arrested anyone in the case.

Agder police district receives assistance from Kripos both with tactical investigation management and forensic investigations. In addition, there are a number of local investigators working on the case.

– Observations on the spot and circumstances on the spot led to the initiation of an investigation into a suspicious death, says police lawyer Henrik Bjugan Hegdahl in the Agder police district.

COVERING UP: This camera faces the entrance to the apartment block and captures everyone going in and out. Photo: TOMM W. CHRISTIANSEN / VG

It is a laborious puzzle that investigators now have to solve, when they have to map tracks, movements, technical evidence and tips:

• Tips from the audience

In the initial investigation, tips from the public are one of the most important for the investigators. Not only can it provide important observations of Lid, but it also gives investigators a picture of which people have been in Suldalen and near the scene – as well as their movements around the time of the murder.

– I was home day and night, but I heard nothing, says a neighbor to VG.

The public often underestimates the importance of minor observations they make, and the police therefore want everyone who may have information to report.

The last known observation of the deceased was on Friday, ie the day before the person was found dead in his apartment in Kristiansand.

– The police have secured several clues and information that we experience and consider interesting. We can not be more specific at the moment, says Hegdahl.

DEATH: SIAN activist Dan Eivind Lid (48). Photo: NTB

• Physical traces at the site

Hair, skin cells, blood or other types of DNA material can nail a potential killer to the apartment where the SIAN activist was found. The same can fingerprints, footprints or any patterns from car tires.

Crime technicians in full-coverage protective gear scoured the scene for clues over the weekend.

After any traces have been secured and packaged, they are sent to Kripos and the National Institute of Public Health for analysis. It may take some time before you get answers to these tests.

– One of the hypotheses is that this person is the victim of a serious criminal act and that the person in question has died as a result. We also dimension the effort based on that and invest significant resources in the next few days, says the police attorney.

BLOCKED OFF: The police have fastened barricades around the entire green grassy plain on the left side of the apartment block. It is this side of the block where the apartment of the deceased has windows and exit on the ground floor. One of these windows is covered with a black cover, but it is unclear whether the window is broken. Photo: TOMM W. CHRISTIANSEN / VG

• The autopsy

After the deceased man was found, the body was secured so that any traces would not be lost. Both pathologists and forensic technicians from Kripos participate in the autopsy, where both clothes and body are searched for any traces the perpetrator may have left behind.

The autopsy also tries to give a time of murder.

At the same time, the autopsy usually provides answers to one of the most important questions the investigators have:

How was Lid killed?

Both the murder weapon, the method and the degree of brutality can say something about the motive and possible perpetrator, as well as whether the person in question may have had accomplices.

• Deceased’s apartment

The crime technicians have spent the weekend combing Lid’s apartment in Suldalen. Also there you look for fingerprints or DNA that can show that others have been present in the apartment.

• Electronic tracks

As mobile phones and computers have become an increasingly important part of daily life, electronic traces have also become invaluable evidence for the police in investigating serious crime.

It is unclear whether the police have secured Lid’s mobile phone, but if that is the case, investigators will “mirror” the content on a computer so that it can be analyzed. This will provide important information about who he has been in contact with in the time before the murder.

At the same time, the police have probably asked for so-called traffic data from the nearby base stations, where all mobile phone traffic goes through. By cross-mirroring information from different base stations, they can determine who has been in a geographical area, and confirm or exclude any alibi.

– We are in a very initial phase of the investigation, and we will analyze data obtained and drive the investigation forward, the police attorney says.

SEALED: The police have also blocked off the apartment of the deceased 48-year-old. Photo: TOMM W. CHRISTIANSEN / VG

Bank cards and bank statements also provide valuable information about the victim’s movements.

Investigators are also retrieving data from automatic toll stations in search of one or more perpetrators. This is often a very time consuming job.

• Survey of social circle

Only a fraction of murders in Norway have been committed by perpetrators who do not know the victim from before. Therefore, the mapping of Lid’s circle of friends is very important for the police.

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