“This case shows only the tip of the iceberg”: PSP agent gave tips to gang of thieves – Portugal


The Braga Public Prosecutor’s Office understands that Carlos Alfaia, a PSP agent in Ponte de Lima, should be convicted of two thefts and a criminal association. This Thursday, in the final allegations of the gang’s trial that, in addition to millionaire robberies of luxury homes across the Minho, also stole the contents of 58 of the 60 private safes of Santander bank in the center of Braga, the prosecutor said that the investigation “just discovered the tip of the iceberg of the defendants’ criminal conduct”.

In the dock, ten defendants sit, including a PSP, who is accused of having given information about possible targets to assault. “Carlos Alfaia had notorious financial problems, which were noticeable in the wiretaps. He agreed with the defendants, was not physically involved in thefts, but collaboration with the other defendants was notorious and must be condemned”, said the prosecutor, also asking for the conviction of the remaining accused in the process, investigated by the Criminal Investigation Center (NIC) of the GNR of Braga.

In the case of the attack on Santander alone, during the night of S. João, in 2018, they raised a total of around 4 million euros. “There is no simple co-authorship, it is not a simple gang. There is an articulated structure. Alfaia gave tips, the operatives made vigilances. The fact that they managed to dispose of a large part of the money and goods stolen in the bank in such a few days shows well the capacity of the structure “, he concluded.


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