This is how it is to work for Norway’s money bin


They sit among brass and marble. In the Norges Bank complex, which covers an entire quarter in central Oslo. If they are not then at one of the four branch offices in London, New York, Singapore or Shanghai.

In total, they count 540 souls, divided into 38 nationalities. They dress in suits and have English as their working language. Many have impressive resumes and work hard.

On September 1, Nicolai Tangen took over as their new boss. He describes the first working day as the first day of school. He talks about the feeling of walking into a canteen where you do not know a single person.

– It is an absolutely wonderful fear to touch and feel. I think there are far too few who put themselves in that kind of challenging situation, he says.

After a summer in the dryer, many thought he would retire. Instead, Tangen eventually gave up his stake in the company he had spent much of his life building. What is it that attracts so much to work for the Petroleum Fund?

A-magazine has been let in through the coin toss in the piggy bank. Below you will find some of those who take care of our savings. Including Tangen, which is in full swing to make its mark on the fund.

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