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INSIDE AGAIN: Nate Kahungu and dance partner Helene Spilling get a second chance in “Skal vi danse” after the voice trouble last Saturday. Photo: Thomas Andersen / TV 2

For the first time in history, two couples have to leave the floor after three have to duel. – I’m glad I’m not Michael Andreassen or Nate Kahungu, says Marte Bratberg.

On Saturday, it is ready for another round of “Shall we dance”, and this evening there are two couples who smoke after last Saturday’s voting trouble, which made Nate Kahungu (24) get back into the competition after first smoking out.

This week, TV 2 has worked hard to ensure that the voting trouble last week will not happen again.

VG follows Saturday’s “Skal vi danse” live, and will update this case during the broadcast.

– Our supplier for these polls is based in London, and it is a company we have used for many years. On Sunday morning, we were informed that there had been capacity challenges, and that the challenges took place there. Some did not press the button to vote inside our website, says press manager in TV 2, Jan-Petter Dahl, to VG.

Did you see this one? Birgit Skarstein got a full pot in “Skal vi danse” last Saturday:

Thus, the decision was very easy to make, he believes.

– Everyone who votes through TV 2 in any competition must be completely sure that the result that comes out at the other end is correct. Therefore, it was absolutely right that Nate should be allowed to return to the program, and we are happy that he agreed to that. He got to start training as fast as the other couples that Sunday. He may have lost a few hours, but no more.

– So what have you done to prevent this from happening again?

– Throughout the week, we have been in dialogue with those who control our online poll, and they have promised us that there will be no capacity challenges in the future. We have also never had any problems before last Saturday. We also have a kind of “hotline” to London tonight if there should be anything. They are ready for us this Saturday if something should happen.

NERVOUS: Marte Bratberg fears for her future in “Skal vi danse” considering that two couples break out on Saturday. But she hopes to be seen next Saturday as well. Photo: Thomas Andersen / TV 2

– What have they done with their system?

– As far as I understand, they have turned on the system to increase capacity considerably. They have promised us that this will be good enough, and that it will take away the number of votes that come tonight and well so, he explains.

– Shouldn’t you have had a “hotline” to London last Saturday as well?

– Yes, but it must be said that it was no problem to get them then either. But we have sharpened the routine considerably, says press manager at TV 2, Jan-Petter Dahl, to VG.

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It was only during the decisive dance duel last Saturday that there was trouble with the voices. This means that the dance couples now take with them both judge points and audience votes from last week until Saturday’s broadcast. Three couples end up in a duel, where two of them drop out of the competition.

Nate Kahungu does not want to do any press before Saturday’s broadcast, but Marte Bratberg (31), who was one of three with the fewest votes last Saturday, admits that she is a little extra nervous this time.

Benjamin and I (Jayakoddy, journ. Note) are extra dependent on votes today. Exactly that’s a little tough to think about, we really want to stay here longer! I feel we are a bit in danger, since we take the points with us, we are almost last from the previous round, she says to VG.

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She continues:

– I really do not want to end up in a duel today. I like our dance, and hope that those at home like it too. This is sick fun, but pretty tough too. Especially in relation to live broadcasts, but also because of the corona. We are not even allowed to hug people. I’m a real hugger, so part of me disappeared when the corona came, she says with a smile.

She thinks it is sad that there was trouble with the votes last Saturday.

– It was really weird. And I’m very glad I’m not Michael Andreassen or Nate Kahungu, because that would be difficult. There is so much talk. But I think it’s good that this is done in a fair way. It’s good that Nate is back, she thinks.

Here are the referee points on Saturday night:

1. Marte & Benjamin
2. Birgit & Philip
3. Thomas & Rikke
4. Agnete & Bjørn
5. Nate & Helene
6. Siri & Tarjei
7. Michael & Ewa
8. Andreas & Mai

This is how the couples dance this Saturday:

1. Marte & Benjamin – Showdans
2. Birgit & Philip – Showdans
3. Thomas & Rikke – Show dance
4. Agnete & Bjørn – Show dance
5. Nate & Helene – Showdans
6. Siri & Tarjei – Showdans
7. Michael & Ewa – Showdans
8. Andreas & Mai – Showdans

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