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Ben Affleck (48) is perhaps one of the most popular and acclaimed actors in Hollywood. Over the years, he has been seen on screen in films such as “Gone Girl” and “Pearl Harbor”, as well as in the role of Batman. The actor’s achievements have, among other things, led to two Oscar statuettes.

However, he may have received as much attention for his privacy, and followers have long been concerned about the actor’s health. For several years he has had alcohol problems – a problem that constantly flares up again.

– They’m officially together

Most recently at the end of last year, when he was filmed walking along the streets of Los Angeles with a Halloween mask – clearly drunk.

However, it may seem that he has gained more order in life and health since then. For the past year, he has been dating actor Ana de Armas (32), and seems seemingly happy with his new everyday life. Several have also pointed out that he looks healthier than ever.

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Removed the beard

Now, however, it may seem that fans have begun to worry once again, after a new video was published on Instagram. The video is shared by Affleck himself, and shows him and his actor colleague Matt Damon (50) standing shoulder to shoulder.

However, it is not the content itself that attracts the most attention, but the 48-year-old’s appearance, according to People.

The detail attracts attention

The detail attracts attention

He has chosen to remove his beard, which in recent years has become a kind of characteristic of the 48-year-old.

– We would like to invite you to Los Angeles to have lunch with us and hang out a bit, he says in the video, which is a collaboration with Omaze – which provides money and awareness for charities.

Further in the video, it all takes a humorous turn, and the colleagues start teasing each other.

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‘What happened to Ben? »

As mentioned, it is not the content of the video that has received the most attention in the comments field, but rather the fact that Ben Affleck is almost unrecognizable.

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“What happened to Ben ??”, writes a follower, who clearly expresses his concern for the actor.

Regret the divorce

Regret the divorce

“He has lost too much of himself,” writes another.

Not only has he shaved off his entire beard, but the 48-year-old also looks significantly slimmer than the last time he was seen. However, there is speculation among fans as to whether it should be for a role.

Launches online with new photos

Launches online with new photos

Not everyone takes the new look as a sign of illness, and a number of comments are of the positive kind.

“Do you remember the times he was really depressed? He actually looks better and younger now, just saying so “, writes a third, clearly supportive.

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Alcohol problems

Affleck’s family, like himself, has a long history of drug addiction. Both grandparents, brother, aunt and uncle have previously had long-term problems with alcohol.

The father has the same, which led to Affleck attending AA meetings from an early age. This is also probably the reason why fans are now worried about the actor.

The Baywatch star is unrecognizable

The “Baywatch” star is unrecognizable

In 2017, the 48-year-old revealed that he had undergone treatment for alcoholism, after struggling with alcohol problems over a long period of time.

The actor has several times commented on his problems, something he also did last year, when he said, among other things, that alcoholism has become a part of his life.

At the time, Affleck had completed three rehabilitation stays for the addiction. His first was in 2001, then in 2017 and last in 2018. In 2018, it was his ex-wife, Jennifer Garner (48), who encouraged him to get help.

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